Skillz – 2008 Wrap Up [CDQ]

blame it on Shake December 31, 2008

You knew it was coming. Damn, there was an extreme amount of fuckery that went down this year huh? Here’s the radio rip that Legend passed over. I’m sure a CDQ will be liberated before I arise in the AM so Meka or my spirit will edit this when it does. A-shoe-sinated. Ah man… I’m out! UPDATE: Added the CDQ courtesy of Tapemasters Inc.

DOWNLOAD: Skillz – 2008 Wrap Up [CDQ]

  • I’ve been waiting for this all year!

  • imartsysowhat?

    I already know Skillz is definitely airing it all out.

  • outKasted

    if you didn’t know, VA in the House. another banger

  • http://www.hiphopfrequency.com

    Do ya thing Skillz

  • StReTcH!

    a-shoe-sinanted. haaaaaa

  • Listen to it here ..enjoy


  • JaYdAgR8

    skillz is dat dude

  • Happy New Year

    any word on the CDQ?

  • Biz

    HAHA LOL @ Young Berg’s Chain going on tour by itself.

  • This dude Skillz is really making us wait, LOL.

  • cdq added.

  • Unxpekted

    Ya boys in the big apple! Brooklyn/Bx and there playin this shit heavy.. Kinda frowned on the big up for Tpain and Put down at Ron Browz but whatev Skillz is dope

    Happy New Year!

    Ps Its snowin like a biotch

  • hott…VA in the building! Need that dirty now to end the year right.

  • thc

    lmao. this was dope. i lol’d when he said yung bergs chain went on tour, n the ashoesinated part

  • DJ Daz-One

    Lets See We had Barack Obama make history, the celtics hosting banner number 17, Matt Cassell showing how good of a quaterback he is, O.J. Getting locked up and Skillz killing once again doing what the news cannot do entertain us with the years best events.

    Gotta love this one.

  • Rodney Harrison

    Wait till Brady comes back ! PATS 4 LIFE

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  • anybody got a durty version? zshare it or link 2 a free download sons!!!

  • glad he actually released it on 12/31/08 & not too early…..Great!

  • Absolutely fanVery amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you didtastic mind blowing thing

  • Sohail Ahmed

    wow… I was looking for the same from past one hour… thanks for the post, it’s really great.

    – Sohail

  • Newton


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  • anyone else notice how it’s not the full track?…like the first one that was posted didn’t have the first portion, while this one doesn’t have the end…

  • quality

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  • mufucka

    I’ve been waiting for a minute for this and I’m dissapointed after hearing it. Ehhh maybe it’s his flow or that easy rhyme play.

  • Nice track :D

  • bushytop

    “let’s not turn the inauguration into an all-star game.”
    smh. smh. lol.

  • deeznutz805

    wheres the dirty version?

  • The whole collection of past rap ups 2002-2008 can be found at http://BustMyRhyme.com register and check the forums for the download link, also ‘Skillz – Ghostwriter’ has been added.. WITH NAMES.. enjoy

  • mykalthegreat

    it’s funny to me how everybody sats lil way is so dope but if you ask them to say a hot verse they have none. with skillz and cats of his nature you get great verses and they all make sense. this is just another one of those songs. HIP HOP LIVES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  • Al D!!!

    Funny how erbody say this is so hot but then go right back entertainin th WACK SH!T played on th radio everyday if we stop supportin th fake then REAL HIP HOP can GROW…Word Up to Skillz and anyone who think like him…Tell wack a$$ BET to play this! lol Wake up summa these lil yungins minds…PEACE

  • Al D!!!

    Oh yeah, This sh;t so real I can’t stop playin it…

  • outspoken14

    any news on a new wrap up for 2009. i hope skillz continues