Travis McCoy (of Gym Class Heroes) – Let’s Get It On

blame it on Illy December 31, 2008

To be honest, I’m not sure if this is new or not. Don’t know what it was off of or what it will be on. I just know the joint is smooth. And this just gives me another chance to complain about not having the mixtape from Nappy Boy’s latest signee! Shouts to Charles.

DOWNLOAD: Travis McCoy – Let’s Get It On | Mediafire


    Crab Apple Kid, reporting in.

    This Nappy Boy shit better turn out well :|

  • It was SUPPOSED to be on the mixtape that was SUPPOSED to be available for Warped Tour this summer. I think Travie himself leaked the track on his blog late summer but didn’t get much circulation. Still a dope track!!

  • yup this was one of the tracks leaked off his blog a whiiiiiiiiile back

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  • LMC

    This was put on Stress’ page a while back (www.myspace.com/stressthewhiteboy) – titled as ‘Come Down’ though. DOPE song!

  • I just wanna hear the song w/Joe Budden….

  • cestert

    yeah i had this for a minute still hot shit regardless !!! any trav new or old is appreciated …. I wanna hear the shit he got coming out with Tame 1 from artifacts

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  • “I just wanna hear the song w/Joe Budden….”

    my thoughts exactly

  • death comedy jam mixtape by stress which is yet to be released

  • Steve

    The Evelyn “Champagne” King sample is dope (love come down).

  • breeze

    leak the joe budden track travie