Crab Apple Kid, reporting in.

    This Nappy Boy shit better turn out well :|

  • http://www.MyHipHopStop.com Benny B.

    It was SUPPOSED to be on the mixtape that was SUPPOSED to be available for Warped Tour this summer. I think Travie himself leaked the track on his blog late summer but didn't get much circulation. Still a dope track!!

  • http://rockhow.tumblr.com xeroth3t3ck

    yup this was one of the tracks leaked off his blog a whiiiiiiiiile back

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  • LMC

    This was put on Stress' page a while back (www.myspace.com/stressthewhiteboy) - titled as 'Come Down' though. DOPE song!

  • http://myspace.com/hayabusaage Hayabusa

    I just wanna hear the song w/Joe Budden....

  • cestert

    yeah i had this for a minute still hot shit regardless !!! any trav new or old is appreciated .... I wanna hear the shit he got coming out with Tame 1 from artifacts

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  • http://www.myspace.com/stck2dascrpt88 KEEMeR

    "I just wanna hear the song w/Joe Budden…."

    my thoughts exactly

  • http://www.myspace.com/raspberryt Naturesplague

    death comedy jam mixtape by stress which is yet to be released

  • Steve

    The Evelyn "Champagne" King sample is dope (love come down).

  • breeze

    leak the joe budden track travie