FCC Fam (Convinced, El Prez, Dale Danja, DNEZ, C-San & Chris Focus) - Floss Angeles [UNMASTERED]

I think we're kicking off the New Year right, right? We gave y'all the Super Friends post with some of the East Coasts' fintest spitkickers, now here's the "L.A., L.A." (no C-N-N) version with some of  the Left Coast's own. Props to E-Dub.

DOWNLOAD: FCC Fam (Convinced, El Prez, Dale Danja, DNEZ, C-San & Chris Focus) - Floss Angeles | Mediafire

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  • Every time this pic gets posted, I'm hungry already as it is. That just makes it worse. *Grabs the keys, heads to In-N-Out*

  • Mek, u weren't supposed to fire this off just yet, lol...this is unmastered

    Eazee http://www.eazeest.com 1/5 of the FCC

  • imartsysowhat?

    Starting off the year just right; but yeah that pix is making really hungry. Dilemma; (Either go to in-n-out or risk missing a few min's of a playoff game) The lines are always long at in-n-out, fuck it i'll go.

  • >Mek, u weren’t supposed to fire this off just yet, lol…>

    i'm coughin' up a lung where i'm from [harlem, son, ain't nothin' nice], so i don't always go by cali rules... until the 11th.

  • Jansport J

    FCC is puttin in work! Good sh*t...LA is rockin in 09

  • fuck it! its "real" la cali shit!! live from the jungles!!

  • its all good Meka, u could leave it up, we'll just hit u wit the mastered version in a couple weeks...

    shit, people lemme know if ya feelin it...

    good lookin out too Eazee...

  • aiight Mek, lol...next time I'll just come out to Harlem in my BLUE DODGER FITTED and sum chucks and remind u of them CALI rules...have fun out there tho mah dude...no coon'n either

  • Hope this shit is better than that terrible Game & Buck track I just heard...wow

  • Yeah, it's much better than that other shit. Not that I doubted it. Left Coast stand up! Vegas

  • Siiick track & really likin the MIA sample... I'll def. be lookin 4ward to the mastered versh

  • *Wrong post comment*, but this track is DEF sick too.

  • mak88

    yea this shit is pretty fuckin hot isnt it

  • ive never been disappointed from ya cali is back!!!!!and especially what i got for the terminator be on the look out

  • Well it is bangin, so screw it.

  • PreZZure x Homeboy Sandman x Final Outlaw x 8thW1 x YC The Cynic - YahAlreadyKno Remix


  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you dont know what this shit is about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey.. I remember this.. Flossangeles!

  • Reyn
  • KING PARADE JUNGLES PCH in & out MENACE BEACH !!! u gottta love FLOSSANGELES ! nice track, so even better when the master is cooked and ready.

  • The Hoez favorite

    yall aint no blacKstone niggas so quit klaimin the junglez like yall aktive. no1 noes yall weak ass comment bangers...

  • LA’s Own

    iont think they were bangin fam...that's just where the rough of the song was recorded...and a shout out may have been given to the J's...but take it how u will...u prolly bored

  • nigga Cheap$kates is from the J's my nig...niggas aint bangin shit, but niggas is out here...august and nicolette...ask about it instead of talkin shit on a fuckin blog...

  • The favorite hoe:: matter of fact...noone even mentioned the J's...so what the fuck is u talkin bout?!?

    Cheapskates records...

  • LA’s Own

    yo da song hot Prez...dude talkin prolly needed sumn to talk about...keep doin ya'll thing man

  • thx man...glad u feelin the music...

  • Floss Floss Floss Angeles!!!

  • this shit is a banger... definitely addin it to the rotation once the mastered hit the streetz!

  • They be acting stupid like we didn't give em gangsta music....FCC on the come up suckaz

  • G-420

    Yo, when do yall think tha mastered version comes out?!?!

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