Black ELement Loves the Lakers!

blame it on Shake January 4, 2009

Well… not really. He’s a die hard Boston fan (yhuuck) and we had a bet going with the Celtics x Lakers game that went down on Christmas day. Good to see he’s a man of his word. Be sure to hit him on his MySpace and talk lots of shit haha!

  • Reyn
  • Dammit! That hurts ME, especially after tonight.


  • bahahahhaa.

  • goozak

    gayass ugly face dude


  • Gremlin

    LOL @ Bostons Game VS The Knicks Tonight!!!

    Wired Goings On In the NBA Tonight
    Lot of good teams getting it handed to them…cavs and mavs…

    Can the Lakers win?

  • Curtis Jackson


  • EL EM AY OH…. but still Boston>>> [||] Any1 catch that Snoop freestyle at the game?

  • PimpstarP

    Good Shit…Lake Show in 09

  • JF

    EL EM AY OH…. but still Boston>>>

    Nah, right now I think it’s Lakers … Cavs … Boston.

  • Mr. W3st

    hey black element tell me how the knicks taste? (no shaq asking kobe how his ass taste)

  • haha…black be talkin Hella shit too, so this is comedy LOL

    cant wait till round 2 in the finals…cause the Lake Show is takin it there…

  • Isaiah Thomas

    Haha he’s tight, smh at the Lakers for probably winning this year hopefully the Rockets come out of the first round & if they make it to the playoffs they better not lose to Utah!

  • skeme

    CA all day!!!! (LAKERS)

  • a bets a bet, but every time i get comfortable with the Cs they always disappoint me. I’m going back to my humble, Walter Mccarthy and fat Antoine days.

  • i live in LA..dont mean shit…FUCK THE LAKERS..lol..


  • ^^you just lost points.

  • see what my knicks did tho..lol

  • Don’t forget Tony Battie EL! Ha, never gonna let you live this down fam…

    Next time on 2K9 your using the Lakers!

  • ^^you just lost points.

    all’s fair in the nba…im from the chi..im n L.A. by default. the jordan comparisons wit kobe completely piss me off to the core..lol..

    but i will still be at the staples center..wen lebron comes to town..and the celtics come back..oh…and my nigga from the north steve nash comes to son d. fish..ahaha

  • plus L.A. is the home of BROMANCE AND THE HILLS..and somehow i think KOBE had something to do wit the production of the shows

  • LA all day.
    Can I say Pau for MVP!!?

    I will be seeing you all on figueroa st. for the ‘ship celebration.

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  • aj

    2-2 and still couldnt get 4 out of 7. BOSTON CELTICS NBA CHAMPS!

  • 1 2

    yoooooo lakers r a joke for real allen got fouled by oldman fisher on that last play no doubt. The ref was to puss to blow the whistle bullshitttttttt see u in the finals N id bet my life we still have home court FACT! GO CELTICS …….n BRUINS for all u hockey fans

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