Joe Budden vs DJ Vlad (Video)

blame it on Shake January 7, 2009


Here goes the full version (in video form) of Joe Budden on air with Angela Yee speaking about DJ Vlad. The audio we posted earlier was cut off right when it was getting interesting.

  • i was wondering when this would pop up, the audio left me hangin

  • this video is great. thanks for the repost, of the whole video. :)

  • Ja.

    I think Budden has a point..if i ran a site like those i wouldnt post bullshit…i dc how many people would watch it. My goal would be to show people something new or interesting. Something dope. And if they are gonna post dumb shit, theres gotta be a line.

  • NFLTrackSTAR

    Vlad knows he’s wrong… That’s why he shut the fuck up at the end… I don’t know if Budden needed to continue his point, cause there’s always ignorant niggas who are gonna be like, “Oh he’s talking about Ran’s family, Ran dying, etc..” The point was though, that BuddenTV is him doing shit himself, instead of being a beef mongerer [II] like Vlad, who is really just profiting off of this shit by virtue of being a third party with a camera, not because it has anything to do with him. And I don’t think anyone will deny that as tough as rappers (and “hood” niggas in general) try to act, they double that level of bullshit when the camera’s on.

  • sloop

    i didnt even listne to the audio cause i knew this would be up, video is the new audio

  • Smarty Pants

    Intelligence over Niggerness.

  • I gotta say I been a Joe Budden fan for a long time so I don’t want anybody to take this as me hating, but the reality of it all is this whole thing started from his video and him going to Ransom’s block to do whatever he did. I know he made the video to dead the situation and apologized for his actions, but sometimes its too late to apologize and say “yeah I messed up doin that” cause its already done. Especially when you know you dealin with a person who doesn’t have good sense. If you know this dude Ransom is an idiot then why even start it when you know he’s not gonna know when to stop or when to not involve people who had nothin to do with it. Clearly Joe has the most sense of the three (Joe, Ran, Vlad) so he has to realize that when you dealing with idiots like that they don’t care what the outcome is gonna be as long as they can get some quick publicity off stupidity. Sorry Joe…you one of my favorite MCs, but you gotta own this one. Vlad can’t have footage of and instigate this nonsense if it never started

  • Is it possible to love (pause) Budden the pundit more than Budden the rapper? He defines “real talk.”

  • sloop

    wow budden goes in the las tlike, 5 seconds.

  • Lotlan

    Thanks for this man because Joe was digging in vlad’s ass *pause* with the logic from the start and I wanted to see what dude was gonna say.

  • Lotlan

    @ B-double

    word, he does drop some heavy shit in his songs too

    he’s like 50 in a way cause he also drops real shit about the music industry & such in his interviews.

  • Joey spoke some hard truths. I already can hear the “he’s soft, he’s shook” bullshit. What Joey said was way beyond that and if you can’t get it, you’re exactly the type of dude he was not only talking about but trying to reach.

    Notice after a while, Vlad shut up. He knew he couldn’t win that arguement. Discretion is the better part of valor at times.

  • swishaaa

    @slade wilson

    youre right…..exactly right.

    and im surprised no1 said anything about what joey said about STACK BUNDLES. Do people forget what happened and how Stack was joeys nigga? No wonder he deaded this shit when he saw what happened

  • Steve_O

    Budden-1 Vlad-0

  • Lotlan

    DAAAMMNNN, just finished watching the interview and Joe REALLY made vlad look like SHIT real talk and i’m glad he did because he instigated all throughout this Ran vs Joe thing.

    My level of respect for this dude went up.

  • Lotlan

    @ sladewilson


  • @Trilogy, I don’t think you can really blame Joe B for starting it. Yes, he said he’s a Murcielago and Ransom was a Honda but I chalk that up to the usual competitive shit talking. Ransom was the one who took it to the next level with “Rah rah rah, he can’t come to the block, he’s a faggot, he’s a homo, his girl’s a ho, rabble rabble…”. THAT’S when Joe went to his block. So yea, Joey was an idiot for participating and Vlad was just being a instigator BUT Joe’s card was pulled on the real side so what else would he have done?

    …On the video, he really made Vlad sound stupid. VladTv from Ran’s funeral? Fuck outta here. Interviewing artist and gathering & distributing information is journalism; taping Ransom smacking a random dude who has nothing to do with the situation IS NOT JOURNALISM. Vlad lost this one. On the flip side, Budden outside of Applebees with a random homeboy talking shit isn’t journalism either BUT nobody ever claimed it to be.

  • SB

    I hear u Joe but people need to be held accountable for their own actions. You can’t blame the person holding the camera for what YOU do in front of it. Yes YOU should feel like an asshole for what u put up on joe budden tv because those were your ACTIONS. Not the random camera guy who taped it, especially if he had nothing else to do with it. At the end of the day journalism is about STORIES and just like YOU learned something very valuable in all this so did all the (smart) people who watched it. I would argue that that lesson alone gives this whole back n forth bullshit some journalistic merit. I’m not condoning the baffoonery im just sayin u can’t blame vlad and say it had no journalistic merit. He didn’t create a story he covered it

  • SB 562

    @ SB how you gonna take my name!
    but man i have mad respect for joey because he is on some grown man shit not some little kid beef shit good for him
    cant wait till the album comes out

  • 80’s Baby

    damn. I know that Vlad felt that Real Talk. Not a lot of rappers do that. thanks joey. that was the realest shit I heard a musician say in a minute.

  • Ayi

    The real question is dig ran call Vlad because he didn’t know how to work a video camera or did Vlad call Ran and be like “yo let me be the FIRST!”

  • “wait wait…hol up”…lmao…

  • I NEVER POST IN BLOGS! but this is a very important thing that Budden is doing. Mainly for being accountable for his actions, saying his is embarrassed by it and so on. Something i have always respected about Joey, is he doesnt have a problem being transparent, and having hindsight!

    Vlad TV is ran by a white dude that knows that black ignorance, conflict and death sells, just like anything else negative in this world, and could care less about the outcome. Vlad is not Anderson Cooper, hell he’s hardly your local newspaper journalist. He is at most a gossip columnist.

    I’m glad Joe took it there, with the funeral talk, because people need to think in extremes, no one thinks that way until it actually goes down.

    good discussion

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