• Steve_O

    That Dro and L.A. is the only one that looks remotely interesting. Thanks for that.

  • Zach Black

    I fuckin hate Wayne..and yung dro

  • Zach Black

    Yung LA is cool tho

  • http://www.myspace.com/avigo Vegas P.

    Dro's sick. He needs to make another damn album though, seems like he doesn't give a shit on these tapes.

  • yoo

    the titles of 1st Quarter Pressure are wrong

  • http://www.shoyurii.blogspot.com Parodi

    Dro needs to drop an album. Yung LA is ass.

  • Scarface

    i can't believe they put Tiffany Blews on the mixtape

  • Showman3000

    Thanks! There are a lot of bangas here! Where do I start!!??!!
    The combination of all the mixtapes together artwork looks fucking sick too!
    Wow there's a lot of crack to last for a while... whew bout to get the needles and start injecting this shit (lol)!


  • http://theoraclemag.wordpress.com theoraclemag

    I love The Game as an artist. I'm not a Wanye fan but I respect his work ethic. what bothers me is how Wayne comes of as a real Blood when he isn't. I'm from L.A so I know what it is. You have to put in work. Being a Blood or a Crip is not a joke, its not a game. you just cant claim it. We need to start demanding artist be real with us and their selves. We need to stop allowing them to make up an image to move units. If your nice your nice, no gimmicks needed

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  • Belize

    u need dat new nas tape. hint hint

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^the dj 31 degreez joint? i have it... the drops are unbearable so didnt even bother putting it up.

  • Steve_O

    ^^as with every 31 Degreez mixtape. What the fuck do "dj's" like him actually do? They ain't cuttin no records, ain't making beats, they're just milking artists to make some cash.

  • Steve_O

    ^^^ Pause on that last part

  • Belize

    yup yup

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