A (2)Dope Mixtape Post (Jan12)

blame it on Shake January 12, 2009

I haven’t done a What’s in the Tapedeck (Mixtape Edition) in a loooong time and I’m not sure if I will soon because it takes a lot of damn time. With that said, I do have 3 tapes you might be interested in. DJ Big Mike, DJ Neptune & DJ Thoro’s 1st Quarter Pressure, DJ Storm’s Damu (w/ Lil Wayne & The Game) and Young Dro & Yung L.A.’s Black Boy White Boy. Tracklist, artwork and download links are all after the jump…

DJ Storm Presents Lil Wayne & The Game – Damu

The Game
01 Number One
02 Enemy f. Wyclef & Damin Marley
03 Big Dreams
04 Laugh
05 Show Is Over
06 I Hate U f. Pinney Woods
07 Camera Phone f. Ne-Yo
08 That What It Is f. C-Ride
09 Fight Song f. Good Charlotte

Lil Wayne
10 Weezy Is So Fly
11 Pretty Brown
12 Winding On Me f. Fat Joe & Ron Browz
13 I’ll Holla f. Stack Bundles
14 Tiffany Blews f. Fall Out Boy
15 What We Need f. G. Malone
16 Death Wish f. Jadakiss

Lil Wayne & The Game
17 Red Magic
18 My Life
19 Lyrical Homicide
20 Ain’t Sayin Nuthin f. Fat Joe
21 Gifts (rmx) f. Ray J
22 Don’t Touch Me f. Busta & Nas

DOWNLOAD: DJ Storm Presents Lil Wayne & The Game – Damu

Big Mike, DJ Neptune & DJ Thoro – 1st Quarter Pressure

01 Intro – It’s 2009 Nobody Fights Fair
02 French Montana & Jadakiss – New York Minute
03 Jadakiss – Traptacular
04 50 Cent – Say U Will (rmx) f. R. Kelly
05 50 Cent / Eminem / Dr. Dre – Crack A Bottle (rmx)
06 50 Cent – I Get It In
07 The Game – Hustler’s Dream f. Anthony Hamilton
08 Max B – Whats On Tonite
09 Max B – Quarantine Music
10 Jim Jones – College Dropout
11 Jim Jones – Razors
12 Jadakiss – Letter to B.I.G. f. Faith Evans
13 Jay-Z – Brooklyn (Go Hard)
14 Lil Wayne – Blood
15 Lil Wayne – Red Rum
16 Max B & Cynicus – Harlem Ohio
17 Tony Moxberg – U Wanna Lose Ya Life
18 Remo Da Rapstar – Freestyle
19 Jadakiss & Fabolous – Rock It Out
20 Fabolous – Brooklyn (Go Hard)
21 Lloyd Banks – Do It For Hip Hop
22 Rawdoggz – On the Rise f. Mike Gully
23 Jadakiss – Bang It
24 Jadakiss – Daydreaming
25 Hustleman – Freestyle
26 Conn Artists – Get Paid
27 Notorious B.I.G. – Microphone Murderer (Original Demo)

DOWNLOAD: Big Mike, DJ Neptune & DJ Thoro – 1st Quarter Pressure

01 Intro
02 Take Off
03 Ain’t I (rmx)
04 Freestyle
05 Dro Speaks
06 Rats
07 Woah
08 36 O’s
09 Dro Speaks
10 Up Through There (rmx)
11 Shower
12 All The Money
13 Yung LA Drop
14 Party
15 Blessing
16 Black Boy White Boy
17 Yung LA Drop
18 So Futuristic
19 Dro Speaks
20 Green Light Freestyle
21 Excuse Me
22 Who Got Strong Freestyle
23 We In This Thing
24 The Truth
25 Dro Speaks
26 Turn This Thang Around
27 Dro Speaks
28 Still Selling Drugs
29 Dro Speaks
30 Bonus

DOWNLOAD: Young Dro & Yung L.A. – Black Boy White Boy (Hosted by DJ Infamous)

  • Steve_O

    That Dro and L.A. is the only one that looks remotely interesting. Thanks for that.

  • Zach Black

    I fuckin hate Wayne..and yung dro

  • Zach Black

    Yung LA is cool tho

  • Dro’s sick. He needs to make another damn album though, seems like he doesn’t give a shit on these tapes.

  • yoo

    the titles of 1st Quarter Pressure are wrong

  • Dro needs to drop an album. Yung LA is ass.

  • Scarface

    i can’t believe they put Tiffany Blews on the mixtape

  • Showman3000

    Thanks! There are a lot of bangas here! Where do I start!!??!!
    The combination of all the mixtapes together artwork looks fucking sick too!
    Wow there’s a lot of crack to last for a while… whew bout to get the needles and start injecting this shit (lol)!


  • I love The Game as an artist. I’m not a Wanye fan but I respect his work ethic. what bothers me is how Wayne comes of as a real Blood when he isn’t. I’m from L.A so I know what it is. You have to put in work. Being a Blood or a Crip is not a joke, its not a game. you just cant claim it. We need to start demanding artist be real with us and their selves. We need to stop allowing them to make up an image to move units. If your nice your nice, no gimmicks needed

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  • Belize

    u need dat new nas tape. hint hint

  • ^^the dj 31 degreez joint? i have it… the drops are unbearable so didnt even bother putting it up.

  • Steve_O

    ^^as with every 31 Degreez mixtape. What the fuck do “dj’s” like him actually do? They ain’t cuttin no records, ain’t making beats, they’re just milking artists to make some cash.

  • Steve_O

    ^^^ Pause on that last part

  • Belize

    yup yup

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