• http://infamouszlegend.wordpress.com infamouszlegend

    stat && bobby did they thing on this, drake still ranked #1 tho

    is stat still on shady/aftermath?

  • Showman3000

    Stat did ok and maybe Bobby did better than Stat...
    but ah Shake you mean after "Drake (and DRIZZY), rappers shouldn’t touch this."

    Mickey did his thing lyrically but I think Drake's version was both lyrical and heartfelt. Drake's version definitely had raw emotion on it, which is why no one (like you said) should touch it.

    Willy Northpole did pretty good too.
    I think it goes:
    1. Drake
    2. Willy Northpole
    3. Mickey Factz

    Mickey and Drake are my 2 fav cats right now!

  • Showman3000

    infamouszlegend sai
    Oh and Stat been left Aftermath since maybe middle of past summer (2008).

  • tyro.k.y

    This my shit. Stats my favorite artists as of recent.

  • jdiggle

    I'll take this version any day...