The Game – Number One x Hustler’s Dream f. Anthony Hamilton

blame it on Shake January 12, 2009

So today has turned out to be one of the worst days that I can remember. Turns out I pretty much lost a folder that contained basically every design or piece of artwork I’ve done over the past 6 years! I really feel defeated right now and wish something could change that. Or the folder would magically appear back on my hard drive. Let’s get to the post though right? Three unreleased joints from Jayceon for ya’ll to vibe with. Before you get too excited, each of them have DJ tags. Hustler’s Dream is off Big Mike, DJ Neptune & DJ Thoro’s latest tape, 1st Quarter Pressure while the other two joints are off DJ Storm’s Damu tape which features Lil Wayne & The Game. I’ll drop both tapes off in their entirety later today if ya’ll want.

DOWNLOAD: The Game – Number One [DJ]
DOWNLOAD: The Game – Enemy f. Wyclef Jean & Damian Marley [DJ]
DOWNLOAD: The Game – Hustler’s Dream f. Anthony Hamilton [DJ]

  • wow shake 6 years?
    wtf damn i feel you on that but you talking about on your hard drive
    me and artist myself i lost an actual folder of sketches i have been working on for 3 years for my clothing brand & comic kick off & album designs


  • You might want to try the program “Recover My Files”

  • Ayo Shake there is a way to retrieve things that have been deleted off your hard drive..

  • Prince91

    Yo if you do a system restore to restore your computer to like yesterday I think it will come back try it.

  • SaLvi

    LOL…first two comments have nothing to do with the music shake posted..LOL.
    But yea man losing your work is a bitch. My hard drive got completely erased and i lost some clients work. I’m a web designer so i had to redo everything.

  • Yeah i feel you on losing art work, i got my portfolio stolen from me at a gallery showing last year. I caught the dude that stole my shit trying to sell my art work to a friend of mine as his own. Dude caught wind that i knew and instead of just giving it back he threw everything out. something like a hundred self printed b&w 11×14’s just GONE.

  • #

    LOL…first two comments have nothing to do with the music shake posted..LOL.
    But yea man losing your work is a bitch. My hard drive got completely erased and i lost some clients work. I’m a web designer so i had to redo everything.

    SaLvi said this on January 12, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    You smokin’ some of dat good shit..none of the comments have anything to do with the music, including yours..WTF

  • If only you had a MacBook Pro and Time Machine…

    That sucks Shake, I always thought 2Dope was the most on point for their graphics of the NMC. Now you’ll just have to remake them with all the new tricks you’ve learned in those 6 years.
    …yeah, icing on a piece of shit still doesn’t look good.

  • props man

  • Mr. W3st

    i thought dj’s scratched and did things to records, not scream their names over the songs?…daah, well new game is allways welcome i guess..

  • atl

    so how bout this game fellow..

    anyway, i just dont feel the game shit anymore.

  • there are a lot of data recovery services which recover data which has been off the trash bin too.. look out man..

  • i thought dj’s scratched and did things to records, not scream their names over the songs?…[]
    Mr. W3st said this on January 12, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    thank you!

  • and does that mean you got your files shake??? good news.

    (for those thinking I called 2dope a piece…fail. Losing files = a piece)

  • julius

    damn shake, i know how you feel, hang in there bud. good things will come

  • b

    watermarking hard drives still shows access to deleted files…

  • does what mean i got my files? i didnt lose photoshop or any of the images i did for this blog. im talking about work ive done for my design business and anything else. mixtape covers, flyers, business cards, ideas, portraits, etc.

  • Sorry to hear that Shake, as a DJ who’s lost all of “my” music files like…. 2 or 3 times (smh), I feel you – Gotta have a backup harddrive at all times though!

  • atl

    one of yall donate a 2dopeExternal drive.

  • Hey sir, try ImageRescue3 it’s on the lexar site… it basically comes with their memory cards for free and it’s used to restore pictures from like corrupted memory cards or to even find deleted pictures… it has saved me a lot of heartache cuz i had a 4g card-full of pictures of hot canadian girls but the card got corrupted! but it was all saved thanks to the ImageRescue3 program… sorry I can’t find the link to the exact download site but it’s on lexar’s site… under downloads or something… maybe that can help salvage some of your files! People say it’s like 30 bucks to get the program unless you buy a memory card… I ended up buying one and I was thinking I’d get a special registration code but all I got was the link to the download… and yeah… It’s all good! Hope you find everything!

  • “one of yall donate a 2dopeExternal drive.”

    i have 6. that’s not the issue. it was an external that had the files disappear on

  • …here I am thinking small scale…
    RIP Shake’s files.
    Sorry to hear that Shake.

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  • sorry about the loss man, it sucks

  • Curtis75Black

    As Far as The Game’s 3 tracks – All are Heaters !!

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  • black nutz

    i gotta send some love out for that major loss

    hold ya head shake

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  • saywhat

    that anthony hamilton tracks sumn serious

  • LT

    This article from Microsoft.com should solve your problems man. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/helpandsupport/getstarted/ballew_03may19.mspx

    hope that helps. keep doing the good work.

    You all know THE GAME is gunna tear it up on DETOX

  • Lil’ Nello

    Been waiting on Hustler’s Dream for almost 2 years now & it definitely lived up to my expectations real dope! The other 2 tracks where pretty good as well although Number One could have been a little better!

  • Showman3000

    That Anthony Hamilton track was pretty HOT!
    He should have put that on his L.A.X. Album it would have made that mediocre album better.

    …and what’s with the fucking name dropping MAN!
    Don’t this nigga got people in his camp that tell him?
    Like “yo Game you might want to tone down the name dropping. It’s getting kinda repetitive” or “Hey Game this time around you should shut the critics up about your skills and shy away from name dropping to show them how lyrical you can be”

    Hmm I guess when everyone getting paid, kissing ass becomes 2nd nature huh!

  • Lil’ Nello

    Name dropping is his style if you don’t like it don’t listen he just paying homage to the others before him as he has said himself a number of times! And plenty of rappers do it but everyone want to act like The Game the only one that do it or just because he controversial!

  • ag103

    :D :D :D hustla’s dream……. full version.. finally!! been waiting on this track since dj clue leaked a snippet of it lyk a week after the doctors advocate

  • quickV

    wow these tracks r ones i’ve been waiting for. NUMBER 1 IS CRAZYYY

  • quickV

    dog if he put these 3 on LAX……

  • Ameree

    Take the external to a computer shop, like Best Buy or Circuit City, or whatever. There’s a 99% chance they’ll get your shit back. My brother knows how to recover files off externals and shit, but we’re located in Toronto, so he wouldn’t be able to do much for you.