• twoface

    fuckin fresh..this dude can rap..and holla holla at that image

  • http://thenewsauga.com ginz

    i need that guilt simpson and term joint!


    Yea props on the pic shake!
    Term said it best "Still can't figure out which Nina Sky is which" hahahahahah

  • Magic721

    Can you say T-T-TIGHT! Killer Mike! What?

    Grind time rap game, bang bang bang!

  • http://djregular.blogspot.com DJ Regular

    Good looks on the news about Incise as well. I've been a fan of dude's beats since I heard 'em on that P.A. 1994 EP a while back.

  • uknow

    incise is dope still bumpin the dope ep he did with p.a.

  • yoyo

    im marrying the both of em

  • Showman3000

    Song = ehhhh

  • cerino

    shes givin the peace sign shake shes not reppin 2dopeboyz!

  • http://www.myspace.com/crushproofboxgroup High My Name Is Sean

    I love girls with tattoos it makes my penis want to dance. Too bad these girls couldn't sing their way out of a chucky cheese.

  • http://bkcyph.com BK Cyph

    I have the biggest crush on Nicole. True story!

  • columbialaw09

    these girls still exist?

  • jameswilks

    Like E V said "Still dont know which nina sky is which" ther still some cuties tho and them tats are sexy

  • http://www.sunrisesundown.blogspot.com M* of Sunrisesundown.blogspot.com

    who rapped that first EV or TERM --> : Can;t Tell Which nina sky is which ?????!!!????

    bomb ass singers, remember there song with ALC - HOLD U DOWN!!!

  • http://thenewsauga.com ginz

    that was evidence, on that beautiful day remix, featuring too many heads to name.

  • SB 562

    they must have died each others hair different colors just to tell them apart because they look absolutely identical but they are both dimes to me shit

  • Untitled

    Nina Sky > Russell's nieces......I love me some latina senoritas!