Bow Wow - I Get It In Freestyle x You Can Get It All f. Johnta Austin

I know my partner didn't post these because it's Shad Gregory Moss yucking up our ears. But i know there's some random ass female fan who'll like these. Plus that picture is just too hilarious not to use again. Shouts to Splash.

DOWNLOAD: Bow Wow - Get It In Freestyle
DOWNLOAD: Bow Wow - You Can Get It All f. Johnta Austin

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  • Belize

    what a waste of sperm

  • hellyeah

    lol @ blogs catering to "females" now to get hits

  • KSEE

    Laughing my black fucking ass off at hellyeah comment!!

  • imartsysowhat?

    Lol; i guess the female demographic is highly important. But the pix is funny as hell. I'm guessing he was like 16 or 17 in the picture right; LOL.

  • NinaG

    "But i know there’s some random ass female fan who’ll like these" From the same dude who posted that Amanda Diva song yesterday...WOW

  • hdot

    blah. maybe us "random ass females" don't wanna hear bow wow either.

  • bf3ars

    all this hate....he's gettin money...y u hatin? i like bow jack city part 2 coming in march

  • hellyeah

    oh he's getting money? my bad i'll take my hate back

  • Afroteric

    I cant listen to these. The comments is awesome tho.

    N Diva hopefully sucks phallus half as well as she did doing that song. We'll have a happy marriage.

  • NinaG

    what's a c-boy?

  • Truth

    why is bow wow saccin 50 so hard in the get it in freestyle

  • jayshaun

    smh. I don't see anything wrong with the freestyle nor the song. Finally a song without autotune. The freestyle is iight. The song is better. I dont think he should've been on 49.5 cent that much in that freestyle though.

  • Ree

    "But i know there’s some random ass female fan who’ll like these”....wtff fuck you! jus coz i rock tits and not a dick doesnt mean Im gonna jam to whack shit any more than anyone else.

    And yea, I dont see the point in censoring your comments either, I mean hell Im biting your head off on your own blog but wtf man, seriously, and I aint gettin all PMS on this mafucker either. Ive read this blog for a long time because I DONT bump whack shit e.g. Bow Wow so shit... I dunno.

  • eTrain

    dude looks like webster

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    BS aside that joint with Johnta Austin is hot. It has Top 10 all over it. Even though he sounds like Nelly Jr. on it.

  • Magic721

    The little boy didn't even sound like himself in that freestyle. The song had me groovin' tho. Glad it wasn't a complete waste of my time. As far as the previous comments are concerned...LOVE'EM!

  • collegedropout

    When is Johnta Austin dropping an album?!?!
    He had that one single that bumped...

  • Showman3000

    I can't front BOW WOW DID HIS THING ON THAT 50 JOINT and the other track I think it was ok.

  • Pop Champagne

  • Meka

    >From the same dude who posted that Amanda Diva song yesterday…WOW>

    see, this is why i don't respect c-boys sometimes.

    i just posted the song. so it's my fault the masses ripped her to shreds in that manner? am i supposed to be affected by what happened? i'm sorry, you must not have followed my blog on DX for the past 2 years. if anything, muh'fucks need to grow a pair and keep it pushing cuz i can't and won't be responsible for what other people say. and censoring them no matter how vulgar is just as bad as letting them run free.

    but let me stop before i get too intelligent on y'all.


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