Oscar Grant Killer Arrested (Video)

blame it on Shake January 14, 2009


So it turns out the douche bag that murdered Oscar Grant tried to skip town to Vegas. Johannes Mehserle was arrested Tuesday night from a fugitive warrant issued in California. Thank you. Now lock that bitch the fuck up.

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  • Sasha

    …and throw away the key! It’s a long road but I feel that justice will be served. He’s only pushing himself towards the wrong direction by skipping town.

  • xeroth3t3ck


  • KSEE

    seriously…this might be one of the most disturbing videos ive ever seen….first time i saw/heard about this i couldnt get to sleep that night.

    Fuck johannes Mehserle…fuck him and his whole fucking family
    Open season on cops!

  • Lock him up/convict him to life. What about the other officers that contained Oscar Grant?/They need to be suspended.

  • Finally. He better not get off when the trial goes through.

  • “Fuck johannes Mehserle…fuck him and his whole fucking family
    Open season on cops!”

    ^^that’s the type of shit we DON’T need dude. do you know anyone in johannes family? they could all be the best people you’ll ever meet. you never know. same thing goes for the “open season on cops” statement. there ARE good cops out there. quite a bit to be honest. yes there are some idiots that seems to fuck up the whole stereotype of a police officer. but yea… killing cops isn’t the answer (at all).

  • “What about the other officers that contained Oscar Grant?/They need to be suspended.”

    ^^why? for doing their job? oscar grant and the others were detained for fighting. and by their reaction to the shot they had no idea dude was gonna shoot.

  • Sasha

    KSEE is a dumb motherfucker. Violence begets violence. When I watched the video, tears came to my eyes and anger erupted like it hadn’t for a while but in no way do I wish death on him or his family members. Check yourself.

  • Well Shake…
    It seems they were already faced on the ground/ cuffed following directions and still getting hassled. They should of picked up the few that were handcuffed to begin with and just took them away.

  • dude tried to skip town???? what a dumbass.. he would have had a better chance just trying to fight the case and making up a dumb excuse. either way im glad he tried to skip town, it just shows his guilt and he’ll get what we all know he deserves.

    the other cops just looked like they were holding him down to be cuffed.. wasn’t their fault

  • DJ Daz-One

    I am happy that he was caught but now when it goes to court I hope they dont throw the usual song and dance story I.E. affirmiative action, diplomatic immuntity or whatever else they can do. I hope that the Grant family gets teh justice and they deserve My prayers go out.

    And as for the open season on cops stuff, Two wrongs dont make a right, We as a people need to use other alternatives to combat this situation. They call us thugs, animals and……well you know the rest. But if we handle this with peace and love but at the same refuse to not sit down and take this WE WILL WIN…

  • thanks for posting this. As to your question on why they should be arrested. Well they tried to confiscate peoples cell phones that filmed/photographed this disgusting situation…add to the fact that they were accomplices to the murder, and they did not try and help save his life, but instead left him there to die..

  • I hear you Dj Daz One. I disagree that it should be handled by “Peace and love”, unless if you mean getting a new D.A., and threatening the Mayor and other city officials to create legislation to ensure this does not happen again, if that’s what you mean by peace in love, i’m down…

  • djc

    uhh that’s bloody crazy….but that dude’s gonna get fucked up after he gets locked up….he can’t be isolated forever.

  • KSEE

    ***first off…i NEVER said i wished death on him or his family members…but if u wanna put words in my mouth..THATS ON YOU sasha.
    I did in fact say open season on cops…but i mean why the hell not…its been open season on us (us as in black people) in this country since our ancestors were *BROUGHT* here… AM I LYING???

    …oscar grant is dead…yet yall wanna make Ksee out to be the bad dude..

  • Sheki

    the bald cop (the one the had his knee on Grant’s neck) should get locked up too. he’s started all.

  • KSEE

    No ones making you out to seem like the bad guy. No matter how much aggression/anger you have, you’d definitely call 911 if something severe happened.

    But “open season on cops” no…Seeing that your not too familiar w/Oakland (I’m guessing) homicides their are “constant.” At the end of the day your going to need them no matter how you may feel presently.

  • ANTman DIggy

    Lol, everyone should just think about their comments before posting. I’m sure if you thought about what you said KSEE, you would realize that no one is trying to say that your the “bad guy”, they are just sayin the way you want to go about reprimanding cops and the cop’s family is wrong.

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