Meka’s Soul Mix Show: Jailbird Edition Revisited

blame it on Meka January 15, 2009

I’ll be more consistent with these shows next week.

DOWNLOAD: Grover Washington Jr. – Moonstreams | Mediafire

  • poisonous1

    yo dopeboys and dopegirls check this link, pretty dope concept with jay-z, nas, big and ghostface mix. definly worth checking out http://www.cityofgodson.com/ and watch the video as well. Keep up the good work shake and meka peace!

  • thought you ditcheed the SoulMix crew

  • bee36

    agh! what was beginning from ?? rza, tru master ?? ahh!!

  • bee36

    wu syndicate???

  • quickV

    ayo im slippin
    im fallin
    i cant get up

  • bee36

    what was that beginning from?

  • I miss Grover. Man made some great music…

  • Honestly just heard of Mr. Washington last year. This is good jazz/soul.