Daft Punk vs Adam Freeland - Aer OBAMA


This Tuesday.
History will be made.

What are you watching you ask? Well...

The following is a mixed-media stop motion music video and celebration commemorating the election and inauguration of Barack Obama as the forty-fourth president of these United States. Audibly showcasing Adam Freeland's remix of Daft Punk's "Aerodynamic" and the imaginative stylings of forward thinking toy artists Dalek, Bill McMullen and Kubrick to name just a few. Independently animated and directed by the progressive minds of the directing team GOLD, the piece is a labor of love that invites everyone to join in or create their own celebration this coming Tuesday January the 20th.

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    Drop some acid, and that's precisely what a Daft Punk show is like.

  • feedmexico

    clean! always love to see someone do something artistic with daft punk's music.

  • chronsicles

    like kanye did ?

  • lolly pop

    i freaking love it!! Obama would be proud! Freeland & Daft Punk are the best!

  • very creative

  • what you can say about last album of daft punk Dp001, 2 tracks Around The World 2009 Alive Re-Edit
    Around The World 2009 Electro-Tribal Edit
    listen its here http://ligamusic.com/Album/2619755/Daft_Punk/Dp001/download-mp3/


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