Drop some acid, and that's precisely what a Daft Punk show is like.

  • feedmexico

    clean! always love to see someone do something artistic with daft punk's music.

  • chronsicles

    like kanye did ?

  • lolly pop

    i freaking love it!! Obama would be proud! Freeland & Daft Punk are the best!

  • http://www.liveagl.com Johnny G from LiveaGL.com

    very creative

  • http://ligamusic.com neocartez

    what you can say about last album of daft punk Dp001, 2 tracks Around The World 2009 Alive Re-Edit
    Around The World 2009 Electro-Tribal Edit
    listen its here http://ligamusic.com/Album/2619755/Daft_Punk/Dp001/download-mp3/