NFL Playoff Predictions (01.18)

blame it on Meka January 18, 2009

Let’s go Eagles. That is all.


  • Sickchoice

    Meka i’m so with you go eagles, 76ers playing great, phillies win the championship, philadelphia soul and now the eagles on the verge of the super bowl, it’s enough to make a grown man cry. it’s a pilly year

  • Ravens… let’s get it mang.

  • Dylla


  • Niko Bellic

    Eagles/Steelers for SuperBowl

  • sub

    Meka u said it, and thats that lets bring it to them..early and often and finish this



  • Eagles ftl! Cant wait to the game to start!

  • YoungNae


  • 421

    *waits for mcnabb to choke*

  • Preo

    Cards and Ravens

    Cards are getting underlooked again IMO

  • Brock

    Pittsburgh. All. Day.

  • BLuHaZe

    Steelers… nothing else matters at this point

  • herman

    cards/ravens superbowl… just sayin

  • eightysbaby

    After seeing the Cardinals put the smack down on them Panthers last week, I’ve come to the conclusion that its anybody’s Superbowl.

    As long as my Steelers make it, I could care less about them ohter teams.


  • Ravens x Eagles, I’m calling Ed Reed with at least 100 picks

  • RK6

    Eagles. This is the year to make it happen. Go To the Superbowl and win it, The Team everyone counted out when they were 5-5-1

  • Steelers!


  • pan21897


    Nothing else needs to be said.

  • Steelers>Ravens>Eagles>Kards

    My picks: Steelers / Kards

  • just jae

    cardinals are already smashing right out the gate … they o is too explosive and if you think otherwise your literally retarded and they d gon put pressure on mcnab … i say cards and steelers
    but who cares lol

  • This shit isn’t a good start

  • All PA Superbowl, but the Eagles D have to wake up.

  • ukno



  • Akers

  • Lil’ Nello

    All PA Super Bowl but knowing how the NFL is it will be just the opposite
    but if it’s an all PA Super Bowl sorry to say Meka but Steelers will win

  • deeznutz805

    Arizona n Pittsburgh…….

  • 14 ….3

    yeah lets go alright



    Cardinals Vs. The Super Bowl Champion AFC Representative.

    LoL. Hopefully turns out to be a good set of games today – and more importantly February 1st as well.

  • red froot loop

    Eagles ain’t playin like they really want it…plus I don’t think Kurt Warner’s done all he has with the Cards this year NOT to win today.

  • Lil’ Nello

    the game is already on I thought it wasn’t on till 3:30?!

  • deeznutz805

    Fitzgerald for the hat trick!

  • damn, Larry Fitzgerald gettin his rocks off yo.

  • eightysbaby

    Any of you chumps still spelling E-A-G-L-E-S? lol

  • Eagles are getting smashed on…

  • nigga jon

    Cards v. Ravens
    Battle Of The Birds

  • The Arizona Fitzgeralds = Superbowl Champs

  • KSEE

    lol shake jinx’d the eagles

  • i dont know if youre watching right now but the eagles are struggling….HARD!!!!! lol! i just dont want em to win too cause they kick off my team out the playoffs (GIANTS)…IT WAS A GOOD RUN THO!

  • It ain’t over yet but it’s definitely looking like the Cards are Super Bowl bound. Too bad they gonna lose at the big dance – they can’t beat the Steelers nor the Ravens.

    Defense wins championships…

  • we have a football game ladies and gentleman… 19-24

  • EAGLES by 1

  • KSEE

    HAHAHA i take back my jinx’d comment
    could mcnabb be that dude???!

  • 421

    mcnabb is NOT that dude, please see my previous comment above



    In other news, God just said “FUCK YOU” to me.

  • sloop

    feel that burn eagles fans, feel that burn

  • RK6

    The fucking Cardinals took it at the last drive

  • Kinda Kool Kidd

    yo ravens about to win

  • eightysbaby

    So Much for that prediction eh Mek.

  • G-420
  • El B. Sure

    how bout them eagles! lol

  • Big_E

    my Ravenz r still in this bitch!!!!!!!

  • aircon

    Arizona stand up!!!!!

  • fe


  • Steelers

    Damn meka, you don’t know shit about football lol

    I’m happy for the cards, but can’t wait to see them lose

  • kid cudi

    my redskins beat both of these teams. and the eagles TWICE baby!!!!! cardinals=this years giants

  • Belize



  • Niko Bellic

    Steelers will win SuperBowl

  • the fuckin cardinals? hahahahahaha they are dope they are gonna win it quote me

  • aw meka, woulda thought since you have a new bf in AZ you’d show me a littttttle love. LOL…jk!!!!

    congrats for the hometown Cardinals :-)

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