Slaughterhouse Freestyle on Streetsweeper Radio (Video)

blame it on Shake January 22, 2009

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.773792&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Damn, it must be dope as fuck rapper day here at the dopehouse. More Slaughterhouse shit for ya’ll. BoBo just shot over some video footage of Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden & Royce spittin their bars on Streetsweeper Radio with Kay Slay. I posted the audio last night now we get some visuals.

Also, despite Just Blaze’s Twitter message and Miss Info’s confirmation… Saigon tells XXL that the phone call talk is totally bullshit and he doesn’t know where it came from. He also went on to say that he’d like to show up at SOBs tonight (as Slaughterhouse is performing) as a hip hop fan but won’t be attending.

  • Big_E

    Saigon’s 2 busy helping all the lonely kids out there…

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  • Unxpekted aka DMV Disciple

    Somebody get Alladin off the ground??

    Hmm I officially have recieved approval from 15 nonbiased hip hop heads that no one considers or even thinks Joe Budden is semi-nice with it… Dudes first two bars made me want to throw up absolutle garbage with that horrible raspy lloyd banks kermit the frog voice, he looks like an albino monkey hahahaa dude needs to dead his career and get off the mic

  • Isaiah Thomas

    Why hate,

    “You can either love me, or leave me alone”

    It’s not needed, who benefits from your negativity, do you?

  • Slaughterhouse got me all hype about Hip Hop all over again.
    They are doing their fucking thing! You can’t even question it.

    You gotta turn your hater off for a minute and appreciate it.
    If not now, later on, when you realize this is the shit right here.

    They the shit, fool!

  • Tony

    i dont kno how being “non-biased” on joey makes u more
    right than the next dude. Bcos its being biased that
    makes ur music real. And..for the most part. U and ur lttl..15
    hip hop gang know-it-alls are the ONLY ppl i have evr heard
    that wasnt feelin joey buddens.

    ‘u can either love me, or leave me alone’

    haters can eat a dik

  • tyro.k.y

    Even joey fans have to admit he’s got weak vocals. I wasn’t even aware of dude until the Saigon diss – knew about his mood musizs but never copped’em. I enjoy his lyrics but damn, he always sounds outshined when put next to these dudes. Crooked or Joell always sounds the best. Then Royce and lastly Budden.

    And, this is not hate. I’m just getting into Budden, been a fan of saigon for a minute. Budden’s got a good personality though.

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  • kidadonis

    Joell has a lot of personality and originality on the mic, he stands out continuously. Crooked, maybe it’s because I never really listened to him, but it is hard for me to tell the difference between him and Royce. Budden stands out because of his style and lyrics but I never really listened to him until the slaughterhouse stuff started to appear. That move on is hype though…

  • one plus one ain’t always two
    its one me, one music
    we one, and its wonderful

  • dademon16

    JOELL IS A BEAST! That second group of bars he spit before the final one was off the CHARTS. Slaughterhouse is ridiculous.. Royce was the worst of the three during the interview. Joey had some nice rhymes for sure. These guys are NICE. I wish Crook was around them more often because he’s stupid too.

  • Damn

    They are all Ok. I would give them more credit if they weren’t so full of themselves. Rap about some old socks or something instead of how big you wish your dick was.

  • t.alday-morales

    Fuck who’s the nicest…they all put they work in IMO. I’m just excited about all of their projects solo and collectively…you know that shit is happening, after all the positive feedback they getting. And it’s what Hip Hop needs right now…if I was them I would do the Slaughterhouse project first then have the solo projects come out. Thats gonna create a lot of Hip Hop fans that they all didn’t have before and would go cop their solo projects as well.

  • I wish Joel Ortiz didn’t hold the paper up to his damn face. Nevermind… eh.

  • owwwwwwwwwwww

    if you come to this site and you saying you wasnt aware of budden until the saigon diss, you lying.

  • owwwwwwwwwwww

    and instead of talking about the dopeness of slaughterhouse, unexpecated comes in dropping his usual hate. your life must be full of negative shit

  • NotoriousRambo


  • Unxpekted aka DMV Disciple

    Joe Budden is horrible, its funny the same person who said Joe is hot told me his other 3 favorite emcees are Young Jeezy, JayZ & Gucci man

    Fucking weakness

    Jay Electronica > Joe Junkie Buddens

  • Steph

    Unxpekted,what’s the point of sayin all of that? You moron. If you dont think Budden is any good, then spit somethin better than him, or at least comment on the other 2 artists than are on the panel.

  • Showman3000

    This was good but I don’t feel the fact that Joell actually went to the interview with his damn papers of rhymes. I mean if he wanted to kill the session that bad he should have memorized the lines he wrote.

    It’s just not a hip-hop thing to do in a cypher nevertheless, Joell Ortiz is dope along with the rest of Slaughterhouse.

  • Matt

    wish crooked would link with the dudes a bit more it would be great promotion for him outside of the westcoast.

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  • Diego Grey™

    Holy Shit..This Dude Deadass Said “So I’m It, Like The Slowest Mufucca In Tag..”

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