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Charles Hamilton – Behind The Scenes Of Brooklyn Girls (Video)

blame it on Meka January 27, 2009


The sad thing is, if I didn’t know what Lacey Duvalle did for a living I’d have definitely tried to work the courage to talk to her on the street my damn self.

  • Freshness

    i knew about her like over a year ago. she’s fantastic at what she does. hahaha she fine as hell too. lol

  • a year? nigga u late. i saw her on exploited black teens when them color macs first came out. dammnnnnn jr high. she old. aw well i’d hit still.

  • lolz freshness u gotta stay updated me dude, last year was the year she quit the scene wasnt it? lmfao u got mad google searching to do

    here you go: http://www.google.com

    use wisely :D

  • Isaiah

    lol I saw her on exploited black teens too like as a freshman in 04 haha

    Brooklyn irls was a dope vid from Sonic

  • b-REAL

    no disrespect but hamiltons one cocky son of a bitch…I see no problem with it though, in my opinion you gotta be cocky to make it big

  • Emm

    what ever happen to making the video on MTV?

  • LDn

    Is she even in this video? I saw in the official cut but I guess behind the scenes she was most likely doing her other job…..

  • Good look on the immediate post stay in touch for more ind=side hamilton updates…new music coming tonite from CH feat.2Fly…..nosleepgetmoney.blogspot.com

  • Jervon

    I fast forwarded that video and saw no Lacey, Why was she mentioned?

  • Showman3000

    Lacey was there standing right next to him but I had to cut it off after like 2 minutes. I just got a pet peeve when people are recording videos.

    Why do the people who are behind the camera insist on chewing gum or eating or munching on something while their taping footage as if the camera won’t get the audio of you slapping ya fucking lips repeatedly! Damn! I know it’s amateur filming but just a tad of professionalism man please. Damn!

    Put it this way if you were filming amateur footage of Barack Obama or anyone that’s important would you be slobbing while you’re recording? Answer = HELL NO cause that’s footage you would want to watch in the future or cherish or what have you.
    Damn! Do everything with class even if it’s small.