Chris Focus - Impression

For the latest edition of Focus'd Fridays, Chris raps over an interpolation of one of my favorite samples of all time.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Focus - Impression | Mediafire

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  • Papertrailll

    Dude looks like JR Smith of the nuggets lmao

  • Convinced

    FUCKAS!!!!!!! focus nigga!

  • AyyDee

    Dude is dope...collab!

  • mike

    *is blanking on where sample is from*

    want to say from Jay Z kingdom come album or Pressure but someone holler

  • AyyDee

    I know recently, U-N-I had it for "Stakes Is High Pt.2"

  • Tommy

    JR Smith!!!


    faggot ass mets fan, i bet this nigga is wearing jean shorts. weak.

    give up rhyming and take that promotion at wal mart.

  • dreski

    was that a shot at Jayceon? either way, it was a nice shot.

    this shit is hot.

  • Chris Focus

    JR Smith is my twin brother actually....but I can't ride wit him no more, he kills friends in cars haha

    O'realy I got you next time I see you haha

    Good look ya'll

  • Showman3000


  • Quen’a

    Not only do I love the updated beautiful music you guys give us...but the fact that these artists visit and comment on they're shit makes it that much better