It may be a day late, but that just means it's a perfect way to end this dope week of music being released. I personally consider it a bookend piece to Before There Was Love. Tracklist & link under the cut. UPDATE: El Prez is also HHO's Artist of the Week. The feature is after the jump as well...



01 Let Go (prod by Dale Danja)
02 Hammerman (prod. by Chex & Cristo)
03 Theme Music (prod by Dale Danja)
04 Curiosity feat. Chris Focus (prod. Audio Crack)
05 Lovely Day (prod. by A3)
06 T.G.I.F. (prod. by Dae One)
07 Inspector Gadget (prod. by Dale Danja)
08 Whatchu Got feat. Shawn Crystopher (prod. by Axl for 1500 or Nuthin)
09 Them Nights feat. Tunji of Inverse (prod. by Dale Danja)
10 Perfect Strangers (prod. by Dale Danja)
11 Floss Angeles ft. Convinced, Chris Focus, DNEZ, and C-San (prod. by Axl for 1500 or Nuthin)(Bonus)
12 Perfect Strangers remix feat. Shawn Crystopher, Picas0, C-San, Convinced, and Chris Focus (prod. by Dale Danja) (Bonus)

DOWNLOAD: El Prez And Dale Danja Are... Perfect Strangers (Mixtape) | Mediafire | Sharebee



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  • AyyDee

    This is unexpected. Good looks! West Coast!

  • Shake

    ILL fuckin artwork. hell yea.

  • pause


  • eightysbaby

    Yessir, FCC keeps ya covered with quality Music

  • Mario

    ill artwork. Good shit El Prez.

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  • Chris Focus ya own....especially when it's high quality music....the U.S. should do the same too.

    Good stuff fellaz, good stuff

  • Convinced man (c) Frank Lucas.

  • nick

    This shit is straight fire!!!

  • s rizzle folks


    finally out! shit baaaangz! good shit prezzo and dizzle

  • bananaclipse

    took long enough lmao

  • M* of

    agreed chris focus

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  • Juan Himself

    yo i got too meet El Prez, at the show at the Key Club. he's real down too earth. he even hooked it up with some cdz.

  • Mookie

    Shit is pretty dope, Danja can spit

  • k.Pizzle

    Yeah, Props To El Prez, Hes Been Puttin' In Mad Work. Props Do My Dudes 3AM On The Beat!!

  • dehiphopadviseuse

    I cant download the tape,everytime I almost get to 100% it stops haha
    is there any other link available?

    same goes for the U-N-I tape .

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  • El Prez

    for those that cant d/l it try the Sharebee link and for those that cant open the .zip for some reason or other( heres a .rar link

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  • Cee Nario

    damn my internet's been down...finally get to cop this shiiiiet...hell yea....good shit el prez...interview dope too

  • Amor Jones


  • Chaffer

    Dope artwork, good copy of Run DMC's - King of Rock

  • Amor Jones

    This IS the best tape to drop so far in 2009 IMO. If this was a album, it'll be considered a west coast classic.

  • Amor Jones

    fuck it, A CLASSIC PERIOD

  • Bizzy

    Prez & Danja good shit
    im new to ya shit...but its nice as fuck.. so u got a fan out of me lol

    thinkin about moving to the west coast.... nah cant do the earthquake lol
    plus the cost of living aint cheap...sooo indiana will be my 2nd home lol

  • justa:g

    yo wat up this site the shiz! im shouting @ cha from London city gritty. any one else form london

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  • Jimmy

    Good artwork, good music

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