• http://www.myspace.com/djmselect M-Select

    roc's stones throw album didn't grab me, but this sounds dope. dude's beats are nice

  • skeme

    this is nice..diggin the beat..rakaa always comes with the dopeness

  • 1supreme

    now thats some real hip hop.. i'm tired of that nursery rhyming lil layme bull shit like the other post.. these cats would even murder lame ass wayne

  • Dione samplers

    Rakaa rocked it!!!
    roc c mmmmm. No.

  • jake steed

    whos this roc c guy, hes hella corny
    weird looking too
    does that c stand for crackhead?

  • http://domeshotsandfatlaces.blogspot.com Hamza21

    Roc C is ill!! I loved "Turn That Sh*t Up" with DJ Rhettmatic & Oh No a few years back. You can nver go wrong with Rakaa & rhettmatic.