The Alchemist – Hide My Tears f. Maxwell & Twista

blame it on Shake January 30, 2009

Wheeeew, this beat is smooth right here. New single off The Alchemist’s upcoming album, Chemical Warfare. Courtesy of… do I need to tell you? Didn’t think so.

DOWNLOAD: The Alchemist – Hide My Tears f. Maxwell & Twista

  • $pence

    twista and alchemist?? i guess it works aaaiiiigggghhht. alchemist brings it as usual, but next time dont waste such a dope beat on such a bleh mc

  • This is why Alchemist is one of my favorite producers. This dude is ridiculous with the samples.

  • yo

    ALC does not miss.. and twista’s best work is on others albums. He delivers so stop hating.

  • Jizz on your chest

    Silly silly spencey… You can’t front on Twista.
    Twista fits this beat like a glove and Alchemist is nice on the mic. I enjoy those bongos

  • bushytop

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! this isht is bananas!! when twista gets in the beat’s pocket, it gets outta pocket.
    hating on twista gets you nowhere, spence.

  • chickenisfowl

    alc is spitting on this- pleasantly suprised!

  • $pence

    not hatin on twist yall- but im sayin… just feels a little off to me. i like when things work that dont seem like they would, but TO ME, this shit just aint a perfect match. its a decent one. ALC is still>than 99% percent of producers out there tho so i think we all agree on that.

  • Big_E

    Alchemist is that dude no doubt! and this prob the best ive heard Twista come with it in years…

  • Lil’ Nello

    Real powerful soulful type beat with a great hook & overall dope song! I like how Twista switched up his flow i it made the song that much better!

  • Uncle L

    YO, This is my favorite new joint. I agree with Lil’ Nello. Plus ALchemist is getting better with his flow- you might notice that he’s working a slow Twista flow (think that Twista and Kanye collabo back in the day)…Plus Maxwell singing the hook?! What!? Yo I’m co-signing. Good looking dopeboyz!

  • Showman3000


  • skeme

    this is nice..not a twista fan..but man he brings it on this song..alchemist sounding better and better with the flow

  • It’s a decent track I was expecting more though. Maxwell + Alchemist I was expecting the song to sound more like Method Man’s Say.

  • yo the song is called “Smile” not hide my tears. It even says so on Alchemist’s myspace player.

  • Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell – this is an amazing combination that really and truly works out well.