Wale Performs New Album Cut... (Video)


...at the Key Club in LA during his show with U-N-I, Blu & Exile. I must admit, I'm quite pissed I'm in Vegas at the moment. I wanted to hit that show up! Anyways... the joint is called Get It Chillin (you better watch it, if you get the song title wrong of something a sad sad c-boy will bitch about it and call you names) and Wale does just that. I've been a fan of this track ever since I got an early leak. We politely took it down upon request so no sense checking our site for it. UPDATE: Also check out another video where he brings out Warren G under the cut.


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  • http://ns4w.org JustinCase

    I Love That Track

  • http://www.watdadickens.blogspot.com Prospekt

    U-N-I killed it that nighy

  • http://boogiemonsterz.blogspot.com 8traq

    I'm too excited for Wale's official album for the states. He's been pretty big over in Europe probably because of his sign with mark ronson. but im tooo excited. he's one of the hottest people in hip hop now along with blu.

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  • Big_E

    sounds exactly the same the the leak...he had said that the leak was unfinished but its wutever i guesss...i jus wish his first single would blow ppl away...maybe ive jus listened 2 this junt 2 many times lol its still a dope trak

  • http://bananaclipse.com bananaclipse

    well he said somethin about lady gaga jumpin on it.... i have the track too and was in the house for the show

  • someone

    the song is called chillin
    the retard just labeled the youtube video wrong


    aongs actually called chillin

  • http://www.sunrisesundown.blogspot.com M* of sunrisesundown.blogspot.com

    is that m.i.a. again in the song background!?!?!?

    pissed it was sold out...early at that.--so even if u were prepared u missed tha show.

  • DMV_resider

    You be with the cops you niggas is mc lovin. Tell me he shouldnt blow up. DMV finally gettin our shine.

  • http://www.sunrisesundown.blogspot.com M* of sunrisesundown.blogspot.com


  • waleallday

    got the track before you took it down...THANKS

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    i'm a retard because i got a song title wrong? jesus christ... you fucktards come up with new shit everyday. always amazing me and shit.

  • http://www.merzva.com Merz

    ill ass show for an ill ass poet! show was dope for real tho... wish he wasnt late tho i missed roscoes damn it haha

  • http://myspace.com/b_dot_rooks kryptonknight

    the show was real dope. wale and ucb killed it. so did blu and u-n-i. evidence and fashawn went on stage too and did there thing. all around dope ass show for 15 bucks i must say.

  • http://myspace.com/b_dot_rooks kryptonknight

    wale also performed "sexy lady" which is another song off the album he was saying. "chillin" was better to me but the video for that should be up somewhere...

  • curtisjackson


  • http://www.sunrisesundown.blogspot.com M* of sunrisesundown.blogspot.com

    fashawn & evi ...wow...okay breathe...MOVE ON!!lol

  • Big_E

    lol @ Warren G comin outta nowhere??

    and i wonder if that "Sexy Lady" junt has anything 2 do with the gogo song "Sexy Lady"?? He was supposed 2 work with UCB so probably...

  • amine07

    Thanks !

  • someone

    i’m a retard because i got a song title wrong? jesus christ… you fucktards come up with new shit everyday. always amazing me and shit.


    im not talking about you
    im talking about the person who labeled the youtube video
    i assume you just looked at the title of the video and posted

  • Shot

    lol at mr shake getting it wrong twice..........sorta like the joe budden saigon beef.........just playin shake love the site keep the goods coming wrong titles or not......

  • whitemamba

    like some have said, this sounds exactly the same as the unfinished version, BUT wale said that lady gaga is going to be on the single when it drops. it'll sound different when it actually releases.


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