Bread Boi – Go Hard Or Go Home

blame it on Meka January 31, 2009

Introducing the next member of the Language Artz clique, Bread Boi. Don’t let the image deceive you; ol boy can rap his ass off.

DOWNLOAD: Bread Boi – Go Hard Or Go Home | Mediafire

  • bushytop

    he be lookin like brother mazone.
    i’ll peep it out tho……

  • chipstacka

    He is rapping like a muthafucca on this shit!

  • I Love Hip Hop

    ha thats real, brother mazone in the flesh.

  • bls

    what happened to the limelinx tho????


  • Magic721


  • Freshness

    don’t let the image AND the name deceive you. haha

  • yoga

    I really don’t understand how sum of these songs get all these comments and downloads and we have an artist here who displays some of the most creative bars I’ve personally heard in a while and only gets a quarter of the downloads and 7 comments… Kudo’s to Bread Boi and language artz for keeping it consistent.. “niggaz on my side like belt loops and when it gets cold they got stones and a full scoop”… fire

  • manny

    thats because some artist on here have cheerleaders that pump up their music and refresh their z share links to create illusions to the public lol

  • akbar

    he murders this shit.. unique style as well.. The 2nd cat comes off 2 I dont think thats the same guy tho..

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