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Cam’ron – I Hate My Job (Video)

blame it on Meka February 2, 2009

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.778514&w=425&h=350&fv=xmlfeed%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Ffeed.ihiphop.com%2Fv%2FofficialMiniVideoId%2F2799]

Guess who’s bizzack… kinda!

  • when cam was around. i hated him. he wasnt really talking about shit. but everytime i find a new .mp3 from cam i get excited.. and this song is some shit i definitely feel right now…fuck the man


    Yo, after ALL OF THIS TIME, we finally hear from this dork, and he drops this ABC rap bullshit. Who produced this fuckin song? Did he really think those 16’s were hot??? Wow, Cam, go somewhere and do some chores for me. You fuckin bum. This ain’t hate. This is the straight truth. Your career is done. I don’t mean Ja Rule done. I mean no chance in fuckin hell done.


    Truth…you are an assclown for even remotely enjoying this song. Who made the video?? LOL. Wow Cam, I just had to comment again. Do you just wake up and hate yourself?

  • owwwwwwwwwwww

    i wouldnt hire you either going into the interview with a puffy vest and a beanie on your head. dumbfuck.

  • yo

    very interesting. I actually enjoyed this from Cam.

  • yo

    “Truth…you are an assclown for even remotely enjoying this song. Who made the video?? LOL. Wow Cam, I just had to comment again. Do you just wake up and hate yourself?”

    Damn and who are you? your not even a blogger. this song is for you, you bum. with your call center, $9.50 a dollar, empty mcdonalds bag on the floor board of your broke down baby mommas hooptie ass hat.

  • n88888

    its a tight song, hook us up with the mp3!

  • SB 562

    stop hatin! you should all be happy Cam is back i definately am he is writing shit that everyone can relate to right now and those that are hating are the ones that are stugglin just like the video
    stop hatin!

  • yowaa


  • Cam is bacc stop fuccin hatin.Dis real shit rite here.shit thats really going on.Sometimes a nigga feel just like this workin at fuccin walmart.

  • Yallow

    Cam always had an ear for beats… this is nice.

  • B.

    Oh shit! Is that something with substance Cam’s rappin’ about?!? I thought Killa Season was terrible but this single (I hope it’s a single) looks promising. I serioulsy doubt i’ll be purchasing his new album but I look forward to hearin’ more songs from him with substance like this instead of the monotonous dipset ”cane on the stip/ya dame in ma whip/fresh chain red an’ grey on the kicks” type of frivolous shit they always put out.

  • thats 50 up there writing^ you know the dude gets heated any time someone isnt paying attn to him. i always wonder when ppl just hate on ppl to hate.

    get a job. get a stack. cop some alifes. then get one.

  • Cam is Dipset, not them otha fags.

    minus Juelz

  • bxrepresenta_718

    wow this dude cam quit rap got a job came back to write a song about it wow

  • Jae Havoc

    at least hes actually saying something

  • Ra

    i dig this song.. i even like the video some way…

  • Lil’ Nello

    Good to see Killa back! And I like it even though it isn’t his best this is a good song to come back with cause everybody can relate to it! Plus it’s something of substance!

  • I’m fuckin’ with this. Never been the biggest Cam fan, but I’ll admit to getting excited to hear new stuff from him.

  • Haha Meka put Cam’Rom.

  • 35ozNin

    I wonder what Consequence thinks of this song…

  • rufus

    im feelin this, actually even more than me, our economy is feeling this 1. nice track!!!!!!

  • JF

    the game needs cam’ron. LOL.

    i think …

  • haha just 2 sho its that easy…Killa…wheres my come home with me cd!

  • chicagoDun

    i dig

  • LA’s Own

    this was a good attempt and all…to try and relate to regular folks…but honestly this SHIT IS ABSOLUTE FUCKING TRASH as a song…even u folks that like it tell me if you’re still bumping this song next week

  • “Yo checkit i got my check now im feeling disrespected” LOL
    I hope I NEVER get to that point haha.
    Get that degree in something yo

  • Kinda Kool Kidd

    damn..feeling this tho..come back Cam…but thats why im at UCSB trying to get this degree so i can get this job


    I was feelin this. I bet it will grow on you whiney fucks.

    Camron looks… Different? lol

  • Nieve

    do your thing cam

  • now that Real Chance at Love is over, I expect more music releases from Killa….LOL

  • SpecialOne

    fuck u all haters.We are waiting cam for your next move

  • cam is back!
    just w/out the dips :(

  • Peekay

    BORING. get a flow already.

  • Psssssst

    hip hop needs cam

  • Big_E

    “hip hop needs cam”

    yall are waaaaay overhypin an average ass song, wit an average ass beat, made by an average ass rapper…message is good and all but cmon…

  • if you don’t feel cam at all i question your hip hop tastes. song is fresh, come see killllaaa

  • a lot of those same ppl with degrees are out of a job right now. its hard all around….

  • he got fat.. thats what looks diff

  • Mikey

    i guess camron had a really bad day and decided to rap about it

  • Menlow


  • jay g

    i felt something was missing and then i realized there no bling on his ear as usual… good song though , its appriciated

  • Unxpekted aka DMV Disciple

    Cam’ron is a Big L a-alike you have to give dude respect

  • Belize

    Needed a track like this

  • Here Cameron Giles was spotted on the streets of the South Side getting his pool the Sears Tower in the back.

    Big shouts to Bang, who is directing all four clips and is also behind the lens for Killa Season 2. One of the Chi’s finest!

    Props to the homie Andrew of Fakeshoredrive.com on the info!

  • Marcha

    he is dumb as shit but he’s way better than some rappers out now.
    i prefer one cam’ron than a thousand of 50 cent’s…

  • rich

    Some people that commented on this act like they wasn’t rockin with the dips back in like ’02 or ’03. This song is average but its good to see him back in action. DIPSET! (minus jenny jones rapping)

  • Cam is still relevent. Purple haze is still the album of all time. Until rappers wanted to diss him. Ie 50 Cent. Truth behold no rapper is better than the other. Some rappers speak great quotes and some just say irrelevant shit. All i have to say is Welcome Back Cam. Lets make another classic. Im sick and tired of Hating. Im not gonna say your the best. There are many diamonds in the dirt. Some stay in the dirt and get bigger.

  • this shit hot and I always was a com ron fan since confessions of fire and D Rugs still my fav song from him….. glad to see he really coming back and fuck jimmy and juelez

  • Innuendo

    Well at least he’s back.

  • cru jones

    i like this for sure

    anyone got the mp3?

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  • untruthfully_truthful

    this song actually dope

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  • flipdog0

    good beat, terrible song