Obie Trice - Can’t 4eva

Obie Trice = the most underutilized person on the Aftermath roster today.

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  • -TiM-

    hey could u guys post "Shake Em Off" by Swizz Beatz.. its the first track off the new DJ White Owl tape..

  • LDn

    Thats cos he got dropped.

    Shady aint the same without him.

  • c48
  • good thing he's not on aftermath haha.

  • 421

    obie deserves better than what aftermath offered

  • tyro.k.y

    At least he got to drop two cds under shady/aftermath. Detriot Summer was a hot song. They should've held that under wraps and marketed it properly for his was-to-be 3rd release. I tell you these majors have pretty shitty marketing teams. You'd think they'd know how to sell anyone with talent but they manage to sell a pop bitch like britney. WTF?

  • Interscope hit that recession before the nation did, and they started dropping acts like crazy. Busta and Obie were major casualties.

  • diggy

    Is it just me or does his flow / delivery on this song sound a lot like Hov's ... go back and listen again.

  • A-Money

    Obie is mad slept on

  • anybody remember that song "Love Me" with him Em and 50 !?!
    thats when i was an official fan of this nigga...than he dissapeared lol

  • Showman3000

    He' underutilized cause he's not on Aftermath/Interscope.

    Dope MC though.

  • yo

    hey are you guys aware that OBIE IS NO LONGER ON SHADY/AFTERMATH. get your facts straight

  • jeremy

    ^^hey are you aware that everyone and their mother said that already?

  • Showman3000


    hey are you guys aware that OBIE IS NO LONGER ON SHADY/AFTERMATH. get your facts straight

    yo said this on February 2, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    Because it wa announced homie. Even Stat Quo & Bishop Lamont had mentioned it. Bishop had an interview about it and Stat had it one of his freestyles,


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