Kobe Bryant Drops 61 on the Knicks!

blame it on Shake February 3, 2009

So during my first actual night out on the town, I hit up this lounge/bowling alley at Port Authority for a few drinks and whatnot with Lowkey & Dre (aka the BET bitches haha) and a few of my DX goons. We ended up staying at the bar and leaving the bowling alone to chop it up and whatnot. On the tube was the Lakers x Knicks game (a game in which I wish I would’ve remember and got tickets as I’m in fuckin New York!). Anyways before we headed to this place called Sway (shouts to Brian & Kevin Scully!) I got to witness the best player in the league drop 61 and surpass Jordan’s 55-point record at the present Garden and Bernard King’s 60-point record set back in ’84. Good shit. On that note, I’m off to Duck Down’s office then the streets. If you see the kid rocking the Lakers fitted, say what up!

Here’s to a fast and healthy return from Bynum!

  • All I want to know is. What we puttin up this time Shake for the 5th?

  • Tommy

    I still like Jordan’s 55 there more…but Kobe was really crazy last night.

  • shitty we dont have bynum for the bet.
    i knew you jumped in joy. asshole.

  • We probably won’t have KG. So I guess thats even. You already losing faith in the Lakeshow after they made it all the way to the finals w/out Bynum? I know u can’t resist now…Big Baby vs. The Spaniard down low? Holla.

  • Another game for Marbury to smile at.

  • oh im not losing faith. just want to put an even bigger hurting on your squad hahaha.

  • sway on a monday = good time & hand clap for kobe

  • uh..LEBRON

  • Pssssst

    ima smack the shit outta you if i see you

  • I like the confidence and I bathe in the hate. So what are we laying down on the line this time?

  • “ima smack the shit outta you if i see you”

    cute. i should be the only one rocking the LA fitted, so feel free to try.

    *high five’s h.e.r.

    black…. name it.

  • thatknickfan

    Fuck Marbury, Fuck Kobe dickriders, and fuck all those shameless bandwagoners who rocked Laker gear to the Garden fuckin pathetic im glad none of you will be aboard once we get Lebron in 010’…….yeah im mad and yea im a knick fan

  • shake…i need to think of something good. i’ll get back @ u.

    thatknickfan, Lebron is NOT coming to NYC. His team has the best record in the league, WHY would he leave the Cavs who in 2010 would have Big Z and Wally World off the books and could easily sign a Chris Bosh or Wade themselves? Sorry it just isn’t happening.

  • Tommy

    LOL @ Wade on the Cavaliers…the Heat will have so much money to re-sign Wade in 2 years it is not funny. Plus Chalmers and Beasley for the future, and extra money to sign another good player in 2010! I’m very satisfied with where my favorite team is sitting.

  • I mean it COULD happen, don’t rule out the possibility. At the end of the day Wade wants another ring, he’s a competitor and if the Heat don’t get it together before the summer of 2010 he could be gone. But then again a lot can change in 2 years.

  • Fuck Kobe


    I’m in Daygo and missed the whole game cause they don’t show the away games! (DAMNIT!!! >:( But my homie put me on to this site justintv.com where you can watch live feeds of their away games on your comp. so I should be good for the rest of the season…..

    All I’m sayin though is, Kobe and Gasol better play like that on thursday against Boston.

    LOL! I think Kobe is tryna make up for taking out Bynum…..
    or maybe he’s being a hater and did it on purpose…..

    Anywayz GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!! :D


    LOL! Gotta love the Kobe Haters! :D
    Makes it that much sweeter when he does shit like this! :D

  • Tommy

    I don’t know…Wade is really into the community down here in Miami, it would take quite a bit to get him out. I’m mad Jameer Nelson went out last night! He is having such a good season. I’ve always liked him since him and Delonte West were pwning at St. John’s or wherever they were.

  • Tommy

    SCRATCH THAT: St. Joseph’s*

  • Big_E

    u cant fake on Kobe’s talent…He’s a god on the court

    anywayz the WIZ are gonna be nice nxt year, yall wait and see!After we get BLAKE muthafuckin’ GRIFFIN in the draft were gonna be set…if u dont kno him u should…he is a MANCHILD…Think of Beasley and Carlos Boozer put together..Javaris Crittenton,Gil-0,Caron,Jamison,Griffin/Haywood…Championship!

  • curtisjackson

    hows kobe gonna drop 61, gasol have like 30, and the lakers still manage to let the knicks keep it close lol

    congrats to kobe even tho i hate the lakers.

  • curtisjackson

    @ Black Element

    Correction homey. BOSTON has the best record in the league(myteam), followed by LA, then CLEVELAND

  • @curtisjackson

    ahemmm…the C’s are my team too homey. But you are correct, i keep forgetting the Cavs lost to the Magic. AND we are taking the game on the 5th…

  • One ID

    Kobe has won his last championship. Last years FAIL was as close as he’ll get to another one.
    People will say something to you rocking a LAKERS fitted on the streets of NY, and it won’t be ‘what up’. HA.

  • 1




  • BOOOOOO! Kobe is a ball hawk, and the Knicks are suspect. When Mike did it, the Knicks actually had a waaaaaaay better D and better squad in general. And Mike didn’t shoot any 3’s! AND WHAT!

  • StReTcH!

    how can ppl like jordans 55 more? kobe got 61 in 17 minutes and his team Gasol had 31. thats crazy. case closed.

  • StReTcH!

    error: 37 minutes.

  • StReTcH!

    oh and let me add in Kobe = 20/20 free throws

  • Tommy

    @ StReTcH: The Knicks team that Jordan dropped 55 on had Oakley, Ewing etc. they were so many times better than this Knicks team, not even close. Plus Jordan’s 55 was just his 5th game back from baseball retirement if I am not mistaken, still rocking the #45. Not even comparable, Jordan pwns Kobe. and if you don’t agree you are just a Kobe stan lol. p.s. no bias i am a Heat fan.

  • uncooked

    “People will say something to you rocking a LAKERS fitted on the streets of NY, and it won’t be ‘what up’. HA.”
    will it be something like a groan mixed with a slight cry of jealousy? i wore a “fuck the yankess” shirt when i visited nyc and only got dirty looks noone said anything..
    anyways im not a lakers fan at all but congrats to kobe..definitely going to check a game since im moving to long beach in 2 weeks and ive never been to the staples center.

  • Clark

    Best player in the league??? Did you see what Lebron did at MSG last night? I give Kobe props for his 61 but I would not say he’s the best player in the league.