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A Hip-Hop Round Table pt.3: Record Labels (Video)

blame it on Shake February 5, 2009


In part 3 of the talk between Jabari, Young Guru, Young Chris & Neef. They discuss the dynamics of the artist and record label relationship. Young Guru also predicts that Steve Jobs and Apple will eventually own the music industry through iTunes.

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  • young guru speaks the truth!

  • Steph

    Yo, Guru is the man! I watched all three parts of this and he by far, is one of the smartest guys out these involved in the music business. He may not have all the answeres to the problems music faces but at least he has a kick ass direction to make it better.

  • cru jones

    Everything he is saying is true. When he says record labels are only out for the money, that is true. But he ends the whole argument by then saying he’s hoping they discover a new format that stays protected on the internet. Why?

    Because artists are all about the money too, and a good majority of them don’t like giving away their music for free either. The fact is, the only reason you should sign to a major record label is if you want to be played on the radio and go pop.

  • B.R.

    I’ve never even considered that we’ve been giving MUSIC to apple. I remember going to Studio BPM on Brooklyn to see Subatomic Soundsystem and Daddy Lion Chandell questioning the integrity of itunes. I just thought it was like just like one of them old head dudes shitting on technology but i guess he was right. Def not getting that touch now.

  • “I would be hiring the brightest minds at MIT to protect what’s on the internet.”- Guru…YES!
    Man I BEEN saying that.
    This industry just got so damn narrow minded.
    It’ll come at some point though I’m sure. Rich people ain’t down with losin gany kind of money lol

  • Can’t artist already independently sell their shit on iTunes and get like a 70 cent cut off that 99 cent song shit?
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Let me break it down like this, people.
    The so-called “digital” music industry is bullshit, because the only ones TRULY guaranteed any “financial” gains (we’re talking about INVISIBLE MONEY here) are either:
    A) the record company (major OR minor)
    B) the major recording artist (most specifically those who have negotiated sweet digital deals)
    c) the independent artist.

    That’s all. Even still, because we’re talking about invisible money, NO ONE really benefits from all of this. What can anyone really do with an MP3 aside from what technology has provided us with? You can’t pick up an MP3 — you can only listen to it. You can’t read liner notes from an MP3, nor can you see any intricate artwork on an MP3. You can’t look at a label on an MP3. Hell, when you enter information about the MP3 file on your computer, you will notice there is NO SLOT that describes “record label”. On your portable media player (Zune [Microsoft], Zen [Creative], the highly-underrated Gigabeat [Toshiba], iPod [do I really have to mention the daggone company?]), the closest you’ll ever get to seeing any vital artwork is a small- to medium-sized square image of the front album cover. But what else is there?

    A few things to remember:
    -Anything physically unreleased is pretty much that: unreleased.
    -Just like the means of money transfer for purchasing digital music online, an MP3 file is also INVISIBLE, and CANNOT LIVE without a medium, be it the computer, the portable media device, or (most importantly, the CD!

    The best solution is to recognize that you get more value out of a CD for your real CASH money than you will ever get from purchasing a mere invisible file through invisible money (Do you see where I’m going with this, people?)

    Don’t get me wrong — MP3s are great indeed and can be very helpful just like ALMOST any new invention. However, as we approach the dawn of destruction, we must realize that we cannot afford to allow ourselves to be destroyed mentally and spiritually before we are destroyed physically.

    Let me put it another way: MP3s are like oranges.
    MP3s, when blended with nonsense and propaganda (i.e., “CD sales are suffering because of the rise in the digital market”) is like orange juice concentrate mixed with high fructose corn syrup.
    Not such a good mix… is it?

    The music industry is destroying itself, and purposely.
    We, the true musicians, are all we have left.

    (Big up, Brooklyn Radio, for the shout.)

    Always Watching,
    DLC IndustryWatch/Roots Dynamic Soundsystem
    Subatomic Sound System
    The Meditations
    17 North Parade

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