Black ELement Still Loves the Lakers!

blame it on Shake February 5, 2009

No need to speak. The final score does that for me.
I’ll just say… we’re 2for2.

  • yowaa

    unfortunately its the regular season..

    you do realize that?

    and im not even a boston fan

  • and we also didn’t have bynum. and honestly i don’t give a shit what kind of season it is. a win against boston is a win against boston. i celebrate pre-season celtic losses haha.

  • KING

    amen to that shake

  • Showman3000


  • 1



    we finna smash on everyone

    we played like shit but still WON

  • yea. going through that game ending stress twice is not fun haha.

  • LaDo.

    dnt matta if its a win in da playoff or reg. season..fuck da Celtics..LAKERS!

  • i fuckin hate u shake :(

  • buahhahahahaha

  • yo

    that was the biggest offence to refeering ive ever seen. i cant really say the refs favored either team either, but the only thing they did consistently was make terrible calls. how could they let a game between 2 great teams contain 2 refs so bad?they had NO control over the game and they were so inconsistent it was a joke. Im offended such a great game was impacted as much as it was by those tools.

  • illphill

    Black ELement, I dont know you dude but I feel your pain man. I hate LA. Boston all day baby….

    See yall in the finals…

  • jb

    10/29?? :smh:

    fisher is one smooth mathafucka

  • curtisjackson

    Lakers may be 2 for 2 this regular season….but C’s were 4 of 6 in the finals and are still wearing those championship rings. if vujacic and gasol ever wear rings i think i’ll kill myself.

  • ^^you should start picking your grave site then.
    la’s taking it all the way this year.

  • curtisjackson

    we’ll see what happens. ya’ll were lucky Scalabrine couldnt play tonight LOL

  • Shake why they dont like us haha. Boston swear they so hard. Rondo better get his mind right,almost got rocked by Kobe lol. I told my lady the LakeShow was on and she knew what that meant.

    and Yeah, A WIN IS A WIN
    cant wait for June

  • Brian Scalabrine is the poor man’s Mark Madsen


    HELL YEA!!!! LAKERS BABY!!!!!!
    Man sometimes these laker games border line put me the hospital!
    What a bizzare game! The official’s were calling everything and nothing! Oh well! I’ll take this win however we can get it!
    You better sit your llyod lookin ass down Rando!

  • curtisjackson

    ladies of boston don’t go out alone tonight Kobe is on the prowl.

  • 1

    LAKERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This nigga Rondo woulda whipped Kobe’s ass. Kobe done got his ass whipped by Chris Childs & Reggie Miller.

    Kobe did show that white girl in Colorado a nice forearm shiver though…..

  • ArJay

    you guys can have ya 2-0 reg season, will take our 4-0 in the finals.

  • spurs>> lakers.. point blank

  • dope x kidd

    and the lakers do have the best record in the nba right now.
    i think so.

  • bones

    hell yeah lets go CAVS!!!!!!!

  • s.truth

    Lakers…. People were watching that on the edge especially the end. But all those saying that its just the regular season, forget that, you trying to say Boston didnt come hard or something? And that was without Bynum, see yall in the playoffs haters… I know it’ll hurt seeing Kobe and Gasol host that trophy

  • devo

    i feel ya anger black element im pissed off too i aint no celts fan i just hate the lakers. the refs were way too inconsistent or boston coulda won that game

  • owwwwwwwwwwww

    or boston coulda won if they didnt miss.

  • what pisses me off is the foul on KG @ the end, some ticky tac shit. David Stern always got some beef with us…that 5 foot midget ass.

  • SOC4L

    thats wuts up fuck boston LA para vida

  • SOC4L

    refs against boston? wtf r u on basically everythin was against LA homeboy the NBA loves the celtics they get 80 percent of calls they way str8 up. LA UP BOSTON DOWNNNN paul pierce str8 up traitor to his coast


    LOL! Man the hate feels sooooo good!!!!
    Yall can say what you want and talk all the trash but at the end of the day it’s all about that finale score SUKAS!!!!!!
    Bring on the finals! Oh and rememebr it’s a whole different game w/ Bynum in the line up!

  • curtisjackson

    “Paul Pierce str8 up traitor to his coast”

    that musta been the most ignorant shit i ever heard.
    NBA players dont pick what team they play for u dumb fuck


    As far as the calls, it was inconsistant on both ends. Some calls were missed and some ridiculous ones were called on both ends! Oh and you guys know that if lakers had of made most of their free throws, the game would have ended in the 4th!
    “Haters gonna Hate…..”

  • dub

    a game is a game

    but not one of you lakers fans can honesty say garnett should have caught that last foul

  • devo

    i know it was inconsistent on both ends, but its worse on boston’s side because a player fould out because of the refs the lakers had all their players on the court which was a factor at the end of the game

  • skratchdotave

    that 17th banner swings so nice in the rafters

  • datnigga

    thats right you niglets all around america, LAKERS PREVAIL ONCE AGAIN

  • SOC4L

    fareal they dont get to pick wher they play? wtf who doesnt know that but he doesnt have to be MR. Boston he culd still show love to his hometown insted of forget about it. i dono wher u frum but out here in cilla cali we stay loyal to wher we from

  • SOC4L

    ill admit some calls are stupid both ways the nba is ridiculous u cant even touch sum1 witout gettin a foul. u can jump into sum1 and get them a foul and every player does that which is wack more contact shuld be allowd i dont agree wit kg foul or alotta others

  • i wish the NBA was back to the badass “let em play” of the 90s…David Stern is a fat pussy. Let em play Dave

  • Jdiddy381

    smh at that motherfucker Big Baby thinking he can hit 15 foot jumpers. I dunno why Doc put Big Baby in over Powe when KG went out.

  • Isaiah


    all this talk about Lakers & Celts in the finals big deal my rockets and T0mac get out of first round this year if he’s not injured and if he gets out of first round anythings possible haha

    Wow Lakers need to step their free-throw game up seriously
    I’m a personal fan of R.Allen, Pierce, KG and Powe (his life story is sad *pause 3x*) but Lakers >>> Boston

    Black E. your tight with that picture being posted haha.

  • circle.gang


  • circle.gang


    1. NO BYNUM
    2. IN BOSTON



  • curtisjackson

    SOC4L … u might be the dumbest muthafucker on this site. He always shows love to LA, he always talks about how excited he is when he has road games there. about how he grew up a huge lakers fan hated boston etc. That’d be like a Sixers fan bitchin about kobe for being “mr. LA” cuz he’s from philly (actually the burbs like 30 mins from philly he’s a puss). pierce became MR Boston cuz he won the c’s their 17th title. so please stop talkin on this site

  • 421

    big win for the lakers

  • Did everyone forget that KG was out for the last 4 minutes in the quarter? If you think that wouldn’t have made a difference, you’re lying to yourself. LUCKY LUCKY WIN…but you’re right..a win nonetheless. Anyone make sense of why Big Baby replaced KG instead of Powe? Powe was on fire tonight and could have made a difference too with the way he was playing. Doc was trippin’ for that one.

  • circle.gang

    what’s in store for the finals? call this a sneak peak
    the c’s came weak, so we ended another streak
    we stay flossin, did it at home, now we did it in boston
    Odom with the clutch free throws…nail in the coffin
    kg got in his face, so Lamar had to blast back
    made the big ticket look little, as he got the last laugh
    lie about another injury, that’s what “the truth” ought to do
    bring out a wheelchair, maybe he would’ve made a shot or two
    this was for Bynum, cuz even without him we gave a hard fight
    kg calls him superman, but for pierce it was a dark (k)night
    with a man down, Gasol had to man up, now let’s be honest
    in june we going to the promised land, and that’s a promise
    despite a bad shooting night, Kobe played hard from the start
    hit clutch 3’s when they mattered, put the dagger to their heart
    rondo thought he was hard, so Kobe had to put him in his place
    told him next time it won’t just be a finger, but a fist to the face
    big baby probably cried again, he couldn’t handle the emotions
    made one of eight shots, there’s a reason you were left open
    third game in four nights, yet it was the c’s that looked tired
    it went down to the wire, but we won it with heart and desire
    so at the end of the day, a “no call” was the “fair call”
    mr. “all-star by default” came through with an air ball
    just good hard defense from Fish and Pau, fcuk a foul
    I got a question for kg…”whatcha gonna say now?”

  • Hell yea! We’ll get em when it counts too! This is our year!

  • bushytop

    1) do NOT ignore the fact that k gizzle is coming off the flu. he could barely keep his balance, looked winded, and apart from a stretch in the middle of the second half did not look like himself.
    2) lamar odom chose to wake up, and that is something you cannot plan on. personally i think odom has one of the top ten games in the league, but mostly he don’t give an isht. if he were to play like the lamar odom that played with d wade for a year, the lakers would be BEAST.
    3) lakers missed a gang of ft’s yes, but the truth missed 3 of 4 at one point. not the truth.
    4) doc rivers proved that he is the one of the worse in-game coaches in the league. the line-up he went with for the last 5 minutes of the 4th and the ENTIRE OT(!!) was not working. nothing wrong with a mistake, but don’t compound that isht by not throwing house or powe up in the mix.
    5) gasol went from one of my most hated players to someone i am starting to like. call it an olympic hangover, but everyone that i watched this summer i love even more. straight ballers. now i’m just waiting for ricky rubio!!!!
    6) jordan farmer may be streaky good, but the lake show needs a back-up pg. sasha needs to be off the ball at all times.
    7) that was one of the best regular season games i have seen in a minute. from the jump, isht was intense and mad fun to watch. i remember saying even if this game doesn’t go to ot or something, its still one of the all time best. and then it goes double on me. YES!!!!


    Wow! “All time best”? It was only so intense because of the way the game was being called. You didn’t know what was gonna happen or who was gonna win…..The inconsitent calling made this game one of the WORST games called! Definatly was crazy to watch! I almost lost it, but definatly not the best! This game was UGLY!
    ………….LOL! Y’all haters are gonna hate till the end aren’t ya?! What y’all gonna say when LA wins that ship?!

  • primo915

    GO LAKE SHOW!!!!

  • L.A. AINT TAKIN SHIT…niggaz forgettin about that 52,10,10 in the garden huh?…SEE LEBRON..its the CAVS this yr..lakers will have another great season.and due to lackluster performances in the finals from everybody including KAREEM..they will be watchin someone else hold up the trophy while holding hands in a circle around gasol..haha..matter fact..ill bet anyone RIGHT NOW..that the lakers won’t even get passed the conference finals..takers?

    u knew i was gonna come thru shake..haha

  • antiDUNK

    LAKE SHOW baby!!!
    love those three’s in pierce’s face!!
    go lakers FUCK Boston
    2 for 2

    “i think your a hater, i think your a hater”

  • yo

    im not sure how paul pierce is a traitor to his coast since he had no choice on what team he ended up at. Unless the rules are different now and i havent noticed,teams draft you, you dnot draft your team

    and the NBA loves the lakers just as much as they do the celtics, maybe even more, so lets not be so ignorant.

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