Stat Quo – Checks & Balances (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake February 5, 2009

Another month, and Stat drops yet another mixtape. I’m still waiting on the hundreds of Dre/Eminem records though. Aren’t you!? Sidebar: these label meetings are draining the shit out of me!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01. Nolage (Performed by Dahled)
02. Pharmacy (Produced by Focus)
03. Immortal Hustle (Produced by Illtone)
04. Homage To Premier (feat. Royce da 5′9″ & Phonte) (Produced by Focus)
05. Bitch Ass Nigga (Produced by DJ Pain)
06. Myspace Skit
07. Lovin’ The Sunshine (feat. Tiffany Villarreal) (Produced by Billy Drease Williams)
08. Say You Will (Remix) (feat. Bobby Creekwater)
09. I Just Wanna (Produced by Malaguti)
10. I Need (Produced by Divided Soul Ent. & DJ Dirty D)
11. HipHop Skit
12. How It Goes (feat. Tiffany Villarreal) (Produced by Dub-Z)
13. For the Taking (Produced by Judah)
14. Letter To 350 (Produced by Dub-Z)
15. Armagedon (Produced by King Karnov)

DOWNLOAD: Stat Quo – Checks & Balances (Mixtape)

  • justin…..

    no link shake?

  • and the “draining” comment comes into play haha. adding now.

  • justin…..

    lol it’s all good, thanks. Yeah for all the talk Stat was making, I thought he would have “revealed the vaults” by now.

  • adf

    4got the download link my dude…

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  • spitfire988

    Honestly, do you think Dre is going to let this guy leak all that material?? I think not, otherwise it’d be out by now. Stat Quo doesn’t even have a PLATINUM record, he’s a mono-tone wannabe. Dre dropped him for a good reason.

  • Freshless

    Dre dropped him?
    Dude left.

  • tyro.k.y

    I bump and spread the good work of Stat but the situation (him leaving/getting dropped) seems like the same thing. If they weren’t going to drop a record, just hold him back and not let him explode they’re just forcing him to up and leave. That happened. Whatever like Slaughterhouse MOVE ON!

    Besides I believe Denaun porter dispelled some of Stat’s comments in a dubcnn interview.

  • spitfire988

    Stat left because all that material was not getting pushed out to the public, Dre felt like that the material needed more work, either way he needs to step his game up. Don’t get me wrong I’ve heard a few good stat qou freestyles and raps, but I don’t see him making it on his own, like The Game did.

  • tyro.k.y

    The Game really hasn’t made it on his own. Without Doc Dre or 50 he wouldn’t have had the same fan base he was able to secure when the split occurred. Since NEARLY every damn song has a guest feature. Stat would ACTUALLY be making it on his own if he does. It appears he’s got spirit and dedication. These are just street tapes. Some of his official cuts, pre-leaving, were ill.

  • hazza

    Shake I got a question. You know how u always talk about meeting so and so record person and going to major label meetings etc, what exactly do you do there and what do you do aside from this blog that allows you to go to these meetings etc?

    Just an honest q’n becoz you always talk about it so I thought i’d ask.

  • jdiggle

    Stat Quo has been dropping quality music for 5 years now. His shit is crafty, lyrical, and entertaining. Not to mention he has soul and energy and a genuine love for music, as evidenced by his beat selection. Seriously, if ya’ll are hating on Stat, then you ain’t really listening. YEAH!

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