Blu – Amnesia

blame it on Shake February 9, 2009

Some new Blu, courtesy of his MySpace. I wish he would just release these songs as downloads instead of seeing the rips float around all the time. But hey, maybe there’s a method to the madness. And yes, I need to put together a new Blu image haha.

DOWNLOAD: Blu – Amnesia | Mediafire

  • T-Dot

    welcome to the month of madness, month of madnessss

  • The other track on his myspace is ill

  • that’s the wrong “theirs”

  • thank you internet grammer man.

  • Quen’a

    haha how you gonna correct anything mispelled on a blog? They got some good pics of him on the Johnson & Jonson myspace page

  • Serrano

    everything this kid swings at he knocks out the park

  • deeMeaner

    Blu always brings it

  • vamosarapiar

    killer flow, lyrics, metaphors, etc. (live performance)

  • theillestofill

    I’ve got this and RIPJBJB on my blog, both are 320kbps http://www.champion-sounds.blogspot.com

  • ^^smh at people just upping the bitrate on their computer and saying its better quality. people these days will do ANYTHING for some type of credit haha.

  • theillestofill

    I didn’t up the birate on my computer you idiot. There’s a site called http://www.file2hd.com. It allows you to download the track from the myspace page at the birate it was uploaded at.

  • theillestofill

    paste Blu’s Myspace url into the box, agree to the terms and click on the download high quality box………..

  • Scarface

    Blu is ill. good lookin on the post

  • sam

    dooooooooooooooope! whens the blu album produced by blu dropping???? cant wait.

  • nylert

    blu is dope

  • senseiscommon

    I’ll tell you what..Mr. Barnes may not be my favorite artist of all time, nor most influential..But no other rapper/artist has EVER put me in a mood/zone/high that he consistently does. This man is on a WHOLE different level, that no rapper today can even fathom. Just keep spreading Blu’s tracks & words throughout the people and hip-hop will never be dead wherever it lies..

  • senseiscommon

    and when I seriously think about it. He makes a heavy push daily at both of those above mentioned titles.

  • the loler

    blu stays killin it. nice.

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  • killer Billie sample…

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  • I Love Hip Hop

    Ayyo i love this sound he’s coming with. This and that Vanity song are mad smooth. I’d love a whole album with just this kinda stuff. Blu stays impressing me.