• http://rockhow.tumblr.com xeroth3t3ck

    Was a great find for a monday.

  • illadelien

    this shit is dope. *takes sigh of fresh air*

  • twoface

    this shittt is SICK..straight up..wow.good looks coke!!

  • Slammu

    this makes me wanna hug myself

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  • vamosarapiar

    dude on the right looks like omar from the wire

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^that's because it is.

  • http://www.myspace.com/britwald www.waldronentertainment.com
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPI6n9fn9cc Lazy Izzy

    I like it, Feel good type shit....

  • http://rockhow.tumblr.com xeroth3t3ck

    Shake do u got the POS bonus track, i got the instrumentals if u want em

  • dj trailer

    nice boobs, who is that?

  • http://coldtrane.com Truth

    good feel good music.

  • JT

    This makes me wanna hug myself.

    Ha this is some feel good shit

  • wedemhornets

    very good 2dopboyz..

  • http://youreadthatopinion.blogspot.com Cannon

    A huge collab and Lil Wayne ain't on it? Nigs must of got it in quick while he was celebratin at the Grammys.

  • wedemhornets

    hahhaahhh ^^^ so true..

  • I Love Hip Hop

    Omar is a G.

  • Starface

    the chick with the boobs is Malene Younglao

  • Sasha

    BEEEEAUUITFUL! This is my favorite song in a while.

  • http://watdadickens.blogspot.com BJ

    Here's a new track by Travis McCoy off of his upcoming "Death Comedy Jam" mixtape.


  • Bryony

    brandon urie? dude, get the names right