• Steph

    Guru is a smart SMART man. He just shut up all of the haters that comment on genres of music they don't understand

  • team rocket (BEAM)

    still think soulja boy is a coon tho

  • n88888

    jabari color coordinated his outfit with the wall

  • ANTman DIggy

    Yeah, I agree with team rocket lol
    But uhh... no Drake? Niggas need to get hip.

  • http://myspace.com/franchizeboi Terry R.

    Yeah, I definitely thought Drake was going to be a big deal since those Degrassi rap days!

  • Showman3000

    These dudes don't listen to enough people or pay attention to underground or the majority or popular unsigned artist to know what their saying. I mean no Drake, Crooked I, Slaughterhouse, and more??
    You kiddin me!!???????