C-Rayz Walz – In Your Soul f. Slug (of Atmosphere) & Samuel & Sum in 16

blame it on Shake February 11, 2009

C-Rayz just released a new album entitled Who The F%@k Are You? and you can cop it just about anywhere. The title’s fitting because I feel that too many people sleep on emcees with actual talent in the game far too much. C-Rayz Walz being a prime candidate for that zZzZz. Dude is beyond nasty with the off the top rhymes yet very few will dare to bring him up in a list of great freestyle emcees? But Papoose gets a nod 70% of the time? No shots… well, nevermind. The point is… quit sleeping!  And being the Atmosphere stan that I can be, I figured I’d post the joint — of said album — featuring Slug. FREE-Rayz Walz!

DOWNLOAD: C-Rayz Walz – In Your Soul f. Slug & Samuel & Sum in 16 | Mediafire

  • Starface

    C-rayz is definitly in my list of greatest emcees EVER.

  • Peekay

    Dope track

  • untruthfully_truthful

    man that situation he’s in seems extremely fucked UP

  • C-Ray is a beast along with some other members of Stronghold. I heard about that situation in Indiana when it happen last year. I supported back then. Waiting for my copy of this new album to come in the mail.


    hahahaha as much dope shit as y’all sleep on lol. Who put you up on Walz, cuz I know you didn’t discover him by yourself.

  • You could say underground radio shows in NYC during the 90’s put me on to him and Stronghold. I have enough cassette tapes and minidiscs of recorded shows to back that up. (showing a bit of my age)Oh well…Plus I’ve seen Stronghold perform a few times in New York… and I spoke to him, Breez and Poison Pen before too.

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  • “hahahaha as much dope shit as y’all sleep on lol. Who put you up on Walz, cuz I know you didn’t discover him by yourself.”

    actually dipshit i’ve been onto his music for years. along with a lot of indie shit. it’s just harder for me to find it at times.
    i swear computers have made people “tough” smh..

  • saw Walz the other night … dude looked a lil haggard and is actually USING a cane.

  • It’s always weird bumping into him in Indianapolis at shows. Dudes freestyle ability is second to none.

    What up Mr. Gold

  • The Black Samurai!!

    Rayz is one of my fav. emcees,Props Shake