Charles Hamilton – Well Isn’t This Awkward (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake February 12, 2009

While the world waits for Drake’s So Far Gone, Charles Hamilton drops off his latest tape a day early. Surprise!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Well Isn’t This Awkward

  • lmao, i called this shit.

  • Hope this is good…

  • StReTcH!

    is thursday in Canada actually friday in America?

  • i hate his attitude.. but dude has work ethic…. at least he aint have me waitin for his shit.

  • J

    @Stretch yea, they inverted the time zones n shit

    gave this a listen…

    re-Anna best track? tough choice though most of all the tracks are quality

  • ^^^ depending on the time zone.

    hurr up 40! I need something to listen to cause while I’m up procrastinating like I have ’til Tuesday to do all of this when I only have…all night. But I’m bored. This will do.

  • Josey Wales

    stReTcH were u serious about that comment?

  • StReTcH!

    *looks at calander, notices today is Thursday* can u tell me where my drake mixtape is at?

  • again… drake is in fuckin Los Angeles right now. its only 7pm!
    calm down lol. i swear people get far too upset about time. it’s a FREE tape. it will drop when it does.

  • StReTcH!

    my apologies grand master Shake.

  • Drakes lil page said…. he had some of the “good good” aka “the ghostface killer” so you know…. hes probably at in and out right now (i dont really know shit about the west coast just in case in n out isnt in LA, i just heard peeps talking about it…ha)

  • ^^^ lmao lol…u pissed shake off lol
    but yeah…just go to sleep and wake up and get it tomorow…that what i had to do for the last tape i was goin crazy over

  • thisisthedavid



  • goindigital

    Well, Drake.
    Isn’t THIS awkward?
    Charles said he was dropping on Friday, yet, here we are, on Thursday, and I have the left. SO FUTURISTIC?!??!

    Hardworking vs. Hardly Working…to me.

  • Whoa!

    Woot I am glad he released it a day early. The world gets 2 new LPs. Charles “Well Isn’t This Akward” and Drake “So Far Gone”.

  • lol he didnt do shit to the buzz (or thinder) for the So Far Gone mixtape… Drake is wayyyy better than CH lol sorry

  • don’t like it

  • Tommy

    ahhh I just dropped this link on the Drake page about 20 mins ago…Charles is ill and keeps it real as can be.

  • interscope better start marketin they heavy hitters cuz drake && ch gettin it in w/o em

  • Tommy

    p.s. im really feeling this tape…its extremely soulful

  • nemkidjuggarnaut

    this will keep me koo new sonic is alayz great but jesus christ i been waitin on drizzys tape a crack head lookin 4 a fix hurry up all ready!

  • Steve_O

    AWKWARD! Just giving ya shit Shake, lol.

  • haha. i knew it looked wrong when i was typing it out.

  • Q

    Where the hell is So Far LONG*!!!

  • The hottest track is the Rihanna joint and its kinda old…you can tell Drake is mad better because hes getting love on a CH post lol

  • JF

    “Well, Drake.
    Isn’t THIS awkward?
    Charles said he was dropping on Friday, yet, here we are, on Thursday, and I have the left. SO FUTURISTIC?!??!

    Hardworking vs. Hardly Working…to me.”

    wait … so how is drake hardly working when he said he finished recording yesterday, and is mixing and editing today? way too serious.

  • Julio

    yo can someone send me the songs form this mixtape

  • Big_E

    i cant lie, CH has been grindin waaaaaay harder than Drake in this rap game…i mean Drake drops mixtapes like they r albums or sumshit…he’s had way 2 much time 2 be releasing shit late…

    well he’s got bout 5 hours left 2 make the schedule or the Drizzaniacs r gonna go off! ha

  • Whoa!

    Now all i need is Drakes “So Far Gone”.

  • Tommy

    no need to compare…Hamilton scared people with this…werent expecting it lol.

  • goindigital

    Nice try, dickwad. Drake has announced this mixtape over 7 months ago. His last tape before that dropped almost 2 years ago. Charles announced this tape a little less than a month ago. Just because you set an imaginary deadline and are working to it doesn’t make you some sort of workhorse. It’s pathetic that he’s working up to this imaginary deadline, setting a release date and mixing it on the same day. How can you guarantee everything is going to run smoothly on said day? Organized? I think not.

    He isn’t a big enough star and does not have the track record to be treating the fans like crack fiends a’la Clipse w/ WGI4C Vol. 3. Charles has managed to put out 10 mixtapes in less than a year. The proof is simply in the pudding. I was also being sarcastic, which apparently does not translate well on the internet, or, maybe just to the retards who frequent this site. Time to look at shit objectively and remove the artists phallus from the right corner of your mouth.


    goindigital (ask about me)

  • Ayo_Gorgeous

    So i guess this makes charlie boy an opening act for drake now

  • goindigital

    ^^^ this screams of racism. Charlie boy? Who you callin’ boy?

  • drake sucks

  • MrWillDoIt

    Dear Charles, you better not waste my download energy. Shit better be good.

    Dear Drake, if I told you I would kill myself if I didn’t So Far Gone tonight, would you release it? Please advise.


    10 minutes left

  • i like this tape

  • EnterTheKnows

    Damn, everyone has their titties in a tussle over this Drake tape, and its a CH post! Who the hell is goindigital cause he hurt my feelings when he called me a retard.

  • Ayo_Gorgeous

    @ goindigital

    [-_-] u cant be serious….its called sarcasm

  • Gavin

    This mixtape is pretty sick so far. I feel like Im one of the last people on earth that gives Charles a chance lol. and i fuckin love that album cover. I never really gave Drake a listen but I might as well when his tape drops, cause I haven’t seen anticipation turned/outcries like this for a mixtape since Bar Exam 2.

  • robin banks.


    who do i ask about you?

  • KING

    this will have to do while everybody loses their mind on waiting for So Far Gone

  • robin banks.

    as for the tape, this shit is dope. im not gonna front charles’s flow/style/delivery isn’t really for everyone. sometimes it’s really dope and other times it’s kinda off but really you HAVE too applaud the amount of music this kid has released, charles is dope. i hope label politics don’t stop him from releasing his debut this year…

  • robin banks.

    dope dope dope

  • charles tape is sick and Gavin their is so hype like bar exam 2

  • JF

    goindigital, lol @ dickwad.

    i hate when people get all mad over a comment that wasn’t even insulting.

    Drake doesn’t HAVE to drop ANY music. Charles Hamilton has dropped a ton of mixtapes, sure … but honestly …

    i’d take QUALITY over QUANTITY.

    pretty much everything Drake drops is straight heat … and my main qualm with CH is that he’s pretty hit or miss.

    don’t get mad next time. we can agree to disagree intelligently.
    and no, i won’t ask about you, because it doesn’t really matter …

  • lol @ Drake having the internet going nuts.

    Thanks for the CH Shake. Listening to this shit right now.

  • Preo

    well, 15 minutes till midnight in T-Dot, so it better be here by then

  • “Well Isn’t This Awkward” Is Nice Proably My Favorite Chuck Tape, In Front Of “Death Of A Mixtape Rapper”

  • E

    its dope so far……… still waiting for so far gone

  • “well, 15 minutes till midnight in T-Dot, so it better be here by then”

    lol or what? you gonna be upset? it’s FREE!

  • you cant be mad. cause it is free. i think the main problem, or complaint is the fact that he didnt have to say thursday, no one asked him. he volunteered that info. so for it not to be here thursday, would make him a liar. people will talk shit, but after they get it, they be back to enjoying the music, and will have forgot that they were ever lied to in the first place.
    it has been stated that he isnt in t-dot though, soooooo.

  • thats the thing. he hasnt missed his said due date. he said before midnight on thursday. that leaves a 3 hours window from now to drop it.

  • KING

    shakes right drake is in LA not T-Dot so yeah wait

  • StReTcH!

    fuck it *waits for aubrey nudes instead*

  • ^^if you want i’m sure i can photoshop some shit up for you. i mean i COULD work for playboy.

  • StReTcH!

    show me what u got

  • Complacent

    Charles Hamilton mixtapes be taking up mad space to be mediocre…waiting on the torrent of this because scorpoin and neverland werent all that…who is drake?

  • …how bout that So Far Gone? That shit is hot…just like that Pootie Tang song…you know, the one where he didn’t need music or a beat?

  • Big_E

    lol @ “who is Drake?”

    i think dude was serious 2…i aint sure thou…ppl fiendin 4 Drake and he’s is like “u mean Drake Bell?” lol great

  • Steve_O

    Since we’re all promoting artists other than Charles here….

    Padded Room in 11 days!

  • Tune

    This tape is fire.

  • whitebentlymusic

    i’d rather watch serius jones kill him again

  • naigel

    ahhh i need some new charles hamilton in my life! always dope.

  • charles hot i just got done listen it to it Neverland is crazy

  • This Is Twelve Tracks Of Fresh Air

  • DB

    its alright i guess…like a 7/10. im diggin a couple of tracks.
    dont really ride wit this nigga its all about that nigga DRAKE!
    So Far Gone comin before 12!!!

  • rhomeal

    CH is what the game needs…No one is on his level with choppin the samples..Ye included!

  • CH is a beast! lovin him…i fuxx wit drizzy too! but i aint a feen fa his shit…if it come it come if not i’ll wait…

  • Why are we comparing these two? Apples & oranges. Also, some of y’all act like these guys have a responsibility to give u free music. WTF?! If u fiend for new music like that there’s all kinds a shit out there (for free too). Check out Freestyle Madness blog, for example. They post like 20 albums a day of mostly all-new hip-hop & that’s just one example. Hell, if u got time to kill like that, check out me & my folks, http://www.myspace.com/clinteestwood & http://www.myspace.com/ronsmart77

  • Ja.

    shits fuckin doooope!

  • Lav


  • Why…and I like it so far.

    Neverland [my fav. one]
    Match.com (you had to touch MY CARL THOMAS classic?!)
    Psycho Bitch (really though…was this before or after Sunday…? Ah, RihRih)
    Penthouse Elevator (One Rihanna track followed by Chris…I can’t even laugh anymore…wait.)

    overall? B+.
    ony cause i been up all night. good job, young sir

  • craig

    I N C R E D I B L E

    M I X T A P E !


  • Prince

    Decent enough mixtape, Match.com was definitely the highlight.

  • Mist

    This tape is hot, why are ya niggas talkin about drake under a CH mixtape? Charles is dope ya niggas need to download and listen to this shit. I’m as anxious as ya’ll are but don’t take away from Charles cause ya’ll niggas are impatient.

  • Speed

    i hate how all the mixtapes and whatnot are all zshare links :( just use sharebee, it has zshare in it too, along with a couple other!!

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  • paz

    can you put up another download link up for this zshare dont work on my computer for some reason

  • Steph

    This is great music. Thanks Charles

  • i cant lie, this shit is hot man

  • DopeSir

    charles is dope no matter how psychotic dude is.

  • SB 562

    i was skeptical when i first heard scorpion and i was like aww shit but when i downloaded the tape its some real shit that real people can relate to charles hamilton is that dude

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  • Re-Anna is a banga its def the best of the tape

  • Yackneen

    Mmm, this mixtape should be gooodd! I love CH, and a day early, and new mixtape so soon, wow, accomplishments to the fullest!

  • iamnotamartian

    shake is this link dead?

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  • SlyGuy

    Hey Can You Re-Up the Link PLEASE lol

  • Dan

    Re-Up The Link Plz….

  • whitemamba

    this mixtape was horrible