DJ Self - Turn It Up f. Jim Jones, Maino & Jadakiss

DJ Self gets Jenny, 'kiss and the rapper slapper to jump on Soulja Boy's latest. I also included a bonus of the official remix (wchich is rumored to feature Kanye West & T.I. as well). The link below is just Weezy...

DOWNLOAD: DJ Self - Turn It Up f. Jim Jones, Maino & Jadakiss
BONUS: Soulja Boy - Turn My Swag On (rmx) f. Lil Wayne

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  • Yo i hate the flow!
    Shouts out to Maino though

  • Tre

    Shake, is this the first time to post a Soulja Boy's track ?? never saw his pic here before

  • i woke up drunk on sunday, only remembering having really felt this song at the party the night before. i youtubed it so i could hear what he was actually saying, and he wasnt saying SHIT. i guess thats cool he jumped on the remix and tried again.

  • Google

    They're not many times I'll actually admit to liking Lil Wayne more on a song, but dag, SB made it easy

  • SB trying. A for effort and maybe an official remix wit Wayne could boost his low sales. and i heard TI and Kanye got verses coming for it

  • shit i ain't read the lil caption so don't u fucking tell me "its in the post retard". i swear to god. I SWEAR TO GOD

  • its in the post retard


  • i like the remix

  • E

    now if only someone would add fab's and wayne's verses along with jimmy's version.....


Freeway - "Primates"

Produced by Big Ape.

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The LOX - "Feel My Pain" f. Rick Ross

Could this be a sign that We Are the Streets 2 will be arriving soon?

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