Jabee – The Valentine’s Day EP

blame it on Shake February 13, 2009

You already know when a holiday hits, the internet is flooded with theme’d material. I’ve never heard of Jabee until today. And to be honest I only downloaded the tape after I saw the fresh artwork. Oh how easily I’m won over haha. Anyways… I took a listen through and it’s actually dope so it’s getting a post. Maybe you’ll see more from the kid on here. We’ll see…

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Jabee – The Valentine’s Day EP

  • n88888

    I dont have much room on my computer to d/l this tape, is the guy an herb or what?

  • oh come on shake. you didnt download doomed?!

  • dademon16

    LMAO that last picture looks the complete opposite of his face on the back cover.

  • i did. but i didnt really check the tracklist. i just played it haha!

  • Stomp

    Siiiick! you should peep his album.. he got a cosign from Blu LMNO, and dj Vadim.. most of his album is produced by Vadim…
    he got the dopest song on the DOOMED mixtape.. Meditation…
    yall sleepin! take some no dose yo

  • Moises

    Jabee is a beast been waitin for 2dopeboyz to post his music… Props on that… I saw him perform in L.A. at the knitting factory.. his live show is sick! I’m about to download it right now…

    The only herb is the one who doesn’t download this ep

  • its a dope ass tape, worth the dl!

  • Kraunik

    Yeah his song on Doomed was one of my faves…
    Next to Eucalyptus..
    Gotta give this a listen…

  • xtothev

    I haven’t heard this tape, but me and Jabee have rocked shows together and dude is DDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!!

    If you’e in the Oklahoma City area, we’ll also be doing a show together next month. XV // JABEE // UNI.

    Bout to check this tape out since Drake’s was a DISAPPOINTMENT!

  • yo

    Support fellow oklahoma artist. He holds down the city. Tulsa is good with me.

  • XV co sign. too much singing for a mixtape imo. but jabee look like Gemstones alter ego. i’ll check it out

  • Stomp

    yeah fasho! I drove up from dallas to see him rock with Blu and Exile a few months back…
    jus peeped the ep.. here are my favs..
    laced t the heart
    tomorrow never dies
    breaks my heart
    all sick!

  • youngdurden

    due beter be nice

  • Meridian

    step out the box try somethin new! so far everybody is saying its pretty dope

  • Prince

    gave it a listen and it was a good EP, need to check out some more of his stuff

  • y’all on somn. dude aaight. his grind is way more evidently polished than his songs are.

  • Super sick

  • Steve_O

    I’m about to download now before I go to sleep and check it tomorrow at work. Artwork does look dumb cool.

    To y’all saying stuff like “oh I was waiting on y’all to post some of his music because he’s dope”, feel free to go ahead and send whatever music you got to Shake and Meka. I mean if you’re already up on an artist, why not let the rest of us know about them if you really think they’re that dope. Don’t just sit around and wait, be productive and spread the word.

  • Gates

    Stop writing. One sentence at the most. It’s awful.

  • i co sign Steve_o….dont be stingy…. share the music send them to meka or shake…. PUT NIGGAZ ON TO GOOD MUSIC let be nice people lol sharing is caring lol

  • A

    I like his music, but he pronounces his words too clearly i.e. says every syllable which kind of puts me off, kind of like asher roth. if he could lose that then he would be dope to my ears.

  • flipdog0

    im gonna take a flyer and d/l this i will let ya kno

  • Kraunik


    Wow I’ve never heard of someone not liking a rapper for using proper grammar….

    well different strokes I guess..

  • Blake

    Check out his Album yo
    you have to understand this brotha is from OKLAHOMA! its probbably way different there, he probably the only one of his kind out there yo..
    anyway I peeped his album on Itunes its very well put together and the songs are top notch, One of the best albums ive heard all year yo

  • Steve_O

    @ Kraunik:

    I know right? That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard…
    “that muhfuka don’t speak hood, that shit is wack”

    Sounds like when BET said Little Brother’s music was too intelligent for their viewers.

  • LOL @ this nigga looking like the Black version of “Pat” from Saturday Night Live fame…

    but I’m downloading this shit, thanks for the folks who spoke on the music…and SMH @ enunciation being the reason for not liking a cat…”punchlines and metaphors, melody, beats are on point…but does he HAVE to say ‘EVER-Y-THINGGGG’?” fuck outta here…learn something. LOL

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  • Corrie

    Werd I agree… I didnt even notice that he enunciates…
    But thats a dumb ass reason not to like it.. ever listen to Hiro? they enunciate everything
    Im in love with Jabee

  • justinaire

    Wait, did XV just say Drake’s mixtape was a DISAPPOINTMENT?

    Lol..that was cute.

    “Say What’s Real”
    “Lust for Life”

    Just to name a few. If THOSE are what you call DISAPPOINTMENTS then I feel bad for your Green Backpack.

  • Jabee is DOPE!

    Props to all the producers involved, Rob Viktum, and everyone else!

  • S.Johnson

    yeah the Rob Vik track is bangin..
    I like the Drake Joint waaay to much singin though,
    Jabee’s was rappin for real, did anybody else catch how he used all the Foriegn Exchange songs from the Connected album and rhymed them sick
    and the OWEN HART joint , word play is crazy

  • xtothev

    Wait, did XV just say Drake’s mixtape was a DISAPPOINTMENT?

    Lol..that was cute.

    “Say What’s Real”
    “Lust for Life”

    Just to name a few. If THOSE are what you call DISAPPOINTMENTS then I feel bad for your Green Backpack.

    justinaire said this on February 14, 2009 at 10:37 am

    Nah, u shouldn’t feel bad…it’s a good thing. Becuse I expect MORE from something so hyped up. I EXPECTED a dope rap mixtape (i.e. Comeback Season, Room For Improvement) and got Trey Songz’s mixtape. And there weren’t even BEATS on the mixtape. Just ambient sounds and distorted percussion instruments. You did name some of the BEST songs on the mixtape though. But, it was just too hyped to deliver wat was delivered.

    But this isn’t a Drake thread, sooooo…i ENJOY this EP.

  • BiGDuece

    this ep is aiiiit
    i guess i’m just not feeling this dudes flow

  • S.Johnson

    I like his Flow cuz its different..
    I got his album on itunes.. its a lil different than this ep..
    I think his album is more polished
    either way its a fresh new voice

  • Meridian

    now I know the answer do dreams come true, starring at the world thru my rearview… homie spit a dope pac line… carpool..
    soothing to the dome , head cool to the comb!!! that’s sick u gotta give dis nigga his props yo listen to laced to the heart and OwenHart…

  • Just Ice

    That teddy Bear is dope! I’m downloading it now! Rap is outta control

  • Kattalackgrill

    So I totallly love u jabee.
    And am downloading this now.
    ps. I am so glad i was apart of this.

  • KingofDaO

    has anyone seen his promo video for this ep? its funny as hell!!! its on Vimeo… I saw it on illroots… go peep it out

  • sooo yeah what happened to the sharing lol…this is good by the way… bery nice

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  • YOOO
    he does do alot for Oklahoma!
    Props on the post yo.
    check out puzzle people too.

  • KingofDaO

    anybody notice he doesn’t cuss?

  • S.Johnson

    Car pool Ride with me , Car pool gotta extra seat

  • BenJaMin

    Bangin ass ep!
    By the way he kkkillled Meditation on the Doomed Mixtape

  • Medafour

    Dis nigga is da shit, Them cheaters skits are my life yo , funny as hell

  • Cameron

    @ KingofDaO

    sometimes but not a lot on this mixtape

    i got some of his other work here – http://3meeses.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/11th-mixtape-feature-dj-vadim-emcee-hype-and-jabee/

  • MC Jabee aka J stree the A is my people’s
    definitely a creative cat and his lyrics are real
    his live shows are dope
    downloaded the ep and actually listened to it straight thru and liked it

  • jabee is a good rapper. he is does have different flow. that what sets him apart from others. the album is way more polished but this is free dl so what can you really expect. especially for v-day. overall all free orignal tracks works for me.

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  • godlee

    can someone re-up this?