Drake – Uptown (Original) f. Bun B & Lil Wayne

blame it on Shake February 14, 2009

Apparently the version that’s on Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape was a bit different before it made the cut. Lil Wayne didn’t have a verse and was actually just on the hook. Shouts to OnSMASH for liberating this one! I’ve gotta ask, did they make the right decision by not including this one? And if you somehow aren’t one of the 50,000+ people who have downloaded the tape already, I suggest you do so now.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Uptown (Original) f. Bun B & Lil Wayne

  • Free

    I played Uptown probably 367 times since i downloaded the mixtape and now since i heard this verison i guess i gonna be playing this one 368 times now!

  • youngdurden

    yeah Shake more Drizzy can’t get enough.


  • Free

    i think 40 made the right decision for the mixtape because a “chopped up wayne” don’t sound that raw on the hook but his verse was waaaaaaay better (if i may say)

  • hustlegrl

    I love this version too. My fave song off to tape!

  • that x kidd

    this was one of my favorites from the tape.

    i like this version a lil mo for some reason.

  • The mixtape is crazy… I had to pull up “Uptown” 6 or 7 times!!

  • that “you stupid modasuckaaaasss” part has been in my head alllllllllllllll day something serious. but this song goes so hard….

  • Ill Son

    wow, are you serious about this, smh… dude is cool, but being overrated to me honestly, smh… nice joint but that’s it. His mixtape is cool if you like R&B, lol.

  • Big_E

    this tape is ill if u like good music…there’s like 3 “ehh” songs but the rest r clean…this bein 1 of them

  • JG

    my favorite track on the tape. im currently goin through a “fuck lil wayne” phase… so i edited the track.

    – edited and rearranged verses
    – edited/reworked chorus
    – ghosted lil wayne

    drake – uptown ft bun-b (JG Edit 320kb)


  • Quen’a

    ^^^HAHAHA i do that shit when a lot of different artists make remixes to the same instrumental to make it one long ass song or the intro is hella long.

  • GOMD

    whered u get this one from

  • if you read. you can see who i gave props to. smh..

  • webbie352

    drake kind of got a big dome lol

  • HipHopAintDead

    “if you read. you can see who i gave props to. smh..”
    Dude must have some emotional problems or some shit…

  • good look JG, I dont mind wayne, but I wasn’t feelin on this one. I usually fire up Audition and chop it up but your version is fine…

  • best song ever


    JG props on the edit i do that all the time now cuz i dont like Lil Wayne or Rick Ross so i cut them out of every good track i can…thanks for saving me the time bro


    ehh you didnt cut enough lil wayne out nevermind…i dont wanna hear him like…at all no begining or end…im hunting down this instrumental

  • L8dyrock1

    I love both of those versions but Bun B killed it

  • gumppimpin

    First i wanna kno who produced the track.Then whoever gets the instrumental needs to please post that mf…

  • b-breezy

    yo dis shyt go hard.. i really love what he is doing.. he makin hip hop come bac… and he put bun on da track.. damn… gottah love it

  • Tarek

    this is nothing new

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