QN5's CunninLynguists release a video for their Kno produced lead single off their upcoming album, Strange Journey v.1; which features the likes of Killer Mike, Slug (of Atmosphere), Tonedeff, Skinny DeVille & Fishscales (of Nappy Roots), Khujo (of Goodie Mob), Substantial, PackFM, Mac Lethal, Mr. SOS, Looptroop Rockers, Hilltop Hoods and more. And of course all production is handled by the e ver so dope Kno. You can pre-order now, and it ships March 24th. Then in September, CL will be releasing Strange Journey v.2 which will be interconnected with v.1; both built around the concept of touring and travel. Look for that volume to feature Sean Price, Poison Pen, J-Zone, Blue Sky Black Death, Bronze Nazereth and more! Hit up QN5 for more information and the arwork for both.


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  • Adrian

    Hahah, swear this shit killed me when Kno showed up with the redneck cut and the Guns N Roses shirt.

  • justin…….

    This album is going to be incredible.

  • Pssssst

    you gonna have looptroop rocker, hilltop hoods & skinny deville?? wtf? where the fuck is max b???? killer mike the only saving grace

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^thanks for the hits.

  • justin…….

    shake bump this to the top of the page, cunninlynguists needs some love lol. pssst you got some time on your hands don't you?

  • Cosmo

    yeah, this should EASILY be on the top of the page. This project is gonna kill.

  • mike

    Yeszir! This is definitely one of those circumstances where a video takes an already-great song and makes it greater. Made me want to consume baked goods.

    Thanks for posting this!