• rufus

    1st, budden that nicca, go cop padded room. peace.

  • mike

    LOL at 2DB and Nahright having the exact same word for word description of the video.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^they both originate from onsmash who put up the video.

    quoting is lovely isn't it?

  • Bizzy

    lol i guess he got confsed bcuz ur usually state that in most of the post...

    soo is padded room actually good?

  • DryKazuntas

    Padded Room has excellent, deep lyrics. The beat selection is the main knock on the album, but I found them to fit the lyrics.

  • Lito

    LOL @ the first part of the clip of joseph shittin on lil dude..pause pause pause

  • TheMainEvent

    This Jessie chick (?) really sucks.

  • james

    Really amateur but good questions, the ones people want to know about

  • delasupreme

    Joe Budden Is The Shit But The Album Coulda Been Wayyy Better Tho I Cop 3 Copys Forreal

  • Weathermen

    LOL @ Lito's pause pause pause

    ....pause pause

  • http://Redvisionary.blogspot.com Mookie

    She made the interview shitty, but of course Budden made it interesting.
    typing in caps can't express how much ither