• MEB

    Damn, I didn't know they had more Portishead type mashups other than the the mixtape they had with Budden, I like these ones too though.

  • King A

    This record is tough. Portishead needs to link with Nick and get a record done.

  • http://mr80.wordpress.com/ Mr 80

    Portishead has been my shit for a minute. Since college days...

    wow I'm an old head

  • http://coldtrane.com Truth

    im a portis fan. nick is cool. hes iight... budden is my dude, but i really dont like the mashups people are lining to them. its taking away some of that genius

  • J. Respite

    When did american rappers cotton onto the existence of portishead??? This is like early 90's shit. But damn it goes hard.

  • Rats..

    ^^^ said it right..

  • http://Redvisionary.blogspot.com Mookie

    Nick is dope.

  • http://www.cafemaroon.com LondonD

    I love Portishead, but this doesn't sound right. Nick gotta go back and blend this track better

  • http://notherground.blogspot.com wildabeast

    I did a whole mixtape over portishead a year ago check it out a notherground.blogspot.com