Melyssa Ford's KING Magazine Spread

blame it on Shake February 28, 2009

Its 4am, I just finished the 2nd season of Entourage (which sparked tomorrow/tonight's Saturday Night Sexy mind you) and I'm just not tired. So what better way to expend some energy than putting up a post on Melyssa's KING magazine spread? I don't care that she hasn't done a video in three years, she's still killing 90% of the video vixens in the game now. And I already know 95% of ya'll aren't even reading what I say right now and went right to the jump. Ha...

Am I lying? Click each image for the full size. Huge shouts to BJS!

  • [email protected]{uTtA

    this is infinitely greater than JACKI-O

  • i forgot about melissa

  • Showman3000

    This bitch is a cornball as far as her personality goes but she damn sure is beautiful sight to fucking see!!


  • Ivan Drago

    Well she should do videos.
    Lola Luv's Buzz>> M.Ford's Buzz.
    I'm sad its come to this, she should be doing bigger things by now. This move is a step backward yo.

    A Known Prostitute Was 2008 King's Mag Girl Of The Year.

  • youngdurden

    Always nice too see M.Ford

  • BLuHaZe

    The Wire >>>>>> Entourage >>>>>>>>>>> every other TV show

  • FakirWise

    ^ Truth be told

  • TWON


  • Zach Black

    Shake you were right.. I went straght to the pics then i went up and read what you said...and i lol'ed

  • I heard she drives a Honda Accord.

  • Jae

    she still fine.....buti thought she like died, or worse.........tried to be a serious actress like 98% of all models :O

  • swole

    this award...goes to melyssa ford. 94 i could only afford this accord. from the home of gangbangers and we all outdoors.

  • Krhyme

    Sweet glory.....so fine

  • justingillespie

    the Lord is my shepard...he know what I want!!!

  • Tommy

    HAHAHA, I went straight to the pics too and then read what Shake said too. The Game KO'd this biotch.

  • Jan

    Season 2 ia alright. Season 3 is the best.

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  • she still fine…..buti thought she like died, or worse


    What's worse than dying? LMAO

  • chidy
  • justin…..

    awwwwww yeah

  • i cant believe how many mags use a lil kim album as the title of an article

  • I heard she drives a Honda Accord.


    Lol; I could careless would she drives she could be riding a bus pass for all i know and she still look good.

  • Jae

    What’s worse than dying? LMAO
    watching a movie with a model trying to be a "serious" actress

  • Chris Brown

    i would love to hit that

  • delasupreme

    omg this is sooo hot she is sexi mos def

    Check Out This

    Angry Skool Kidz - Say Whats Real


  • DJ Daz-One

    Melissa Ford = FIRMLY

  • Lil’ Nello

    She still the GOAT video vixen & I would still fuck the shit out of her like any man in the right mind would! DAMNNN now I remember why I used to have dreams of making her my wifey & still have dreams of fucking the shit out of her lol! No but seriously this was by far one of the best spreads I ever seen of her & she has had quite a few good ones! Oh man that first one in the pink is a real killer to I could officially say I'm jealous of Raekwon for being with her right now real talk!

  • watching a movie with a model trying to be a “serious” actress



  • ck47

    Cant wait for Tahirys spread.

  • fuck im drunk over here... Give me some fucking porn ffs 2dopeboys..... Peace all de way from Dirty sweden? Peace and all that .... Keep it real and all that....

  • 416

    thats homegrown toronto

  • Rihanna

    i would love to hit that

    Chris Brown said this on February 28, 2009 at 12:11 pm


    NO DONT GO!!! Come back to me, you can hit me all you want :)

  • november3leven


  • kakahead

    Season two is classic shit.

  • WoopThereitSid

    meh...this is what happens when u get a gig at some conry bet show, then they drop it, then u end up back in mags..

    shes boring now..and i think she had to sell the accord and downgrade to a corolla...*runs*

  • DayO

    lmao @ chris brown sayin he wants to hit that

  • Not pretty.
    And her legs are too short.
    Dont understand the hype.. barely understand the post (beyond views)

  • lowballz

    awww fuck im cumming!!

  • "thats homegrown toronto" With Some Parts Manufactured In Good Ole Los Angeles USA

  • Lil’ Nello

    This post also reminded me anybody ever know what happened with that movie Days of Wrath? Wasn't she supposed to have a sex scene in there with Wilma Valderrama?! Besides that I also wanted to find out cause the movie did look like it was going to be real dope from the trailer?

  • Magic721

    A true masterpiece, this one. Lovely!

  • godamn ma

    To quote Ghostface
    "Excuse me hon, turn around again. God damn, backyard bangin like a Benzi. If I was jiggy, you'd be spotted like Spud Mackenzie".

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  • lowballz


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  • Lil’ Nello

    movie anyone?

  • Her body is the stuff of dreams.

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  • mercedes gordon miles

    this hot/beautiful woman is so sexy! a guy heart go crazy lookin at that sexy woman.

  • mercedes gordon miles

    this woman is too sexy oh yeah!