• D@DiAMoNdl{uTtA

    this is infinitely greater than JACKI-O

  • http://www.inkdoutclothing.com Joshua East

    i forgot about melissa

  • Showman3000

    This bitch is a cornball as far as her personality goes but she damn sure is beautiful sight to fucking see!!


  • Ivan Drago

    Well she should do videos.
    Lola Luv's Buzz>> M.Ford's Buzz.
    I'm sad its come to this, she should be doing bigger things by now. This move is a step backward yo.

    A Known Prostitute Was 2008 King's Mag Girl Of The Year.

  • youngdurden

    Always nice too see M.Ford

  • BLuHaZe

    The Wire >>>>>> Entourage >>>>>>>>>>> every other TV show

  • FakirWise

    ^ Truth be told

  • TWON


  • Zach Black

    Shake you were right.. I went straght to the pics then i went up and read what you said...and i lol'ed

  • http://jaydonscave.blogspot.com Jaydon the Don

    I heard she drives a Honda Accord.

  • Jae

    she still fine.....buti thought she like died, or worse.........tried to be a serious actress like 98% of all models :O

  • swole

    this award...goes to melyssa ford. 94 i could only afford this accord. from the home of gangbangers and we all outdoors.

  • Krhyme

    Sweet glory.....so fine

  • justingillespie

    the Lord is my shepard...he know what I want!!!

  • Tommy

    HAHAHA, I went straight to the pics too and then read what Shake said too. The Game KO'd this biotch.

  • Jan

    Season 2 ia alright. Season 3 is the best.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/ayydeeakatrip AyyDee

    she still fine…..buti thought she like died, or worse


    What's worse than dying? LMAO

  • chidy
  • justin…..

    awwwwww yeah

  • http://myspace.com/jtn15 jnaknakhoops15

    i cant believe how many mags use a lil kim album as the title of an article

  • http://www.myspace.com/vic_1vic imartsysowhat

    I heard she drives a Honda Accord.


    Lol; I could careless would she drives she could be riding a bus pass for all i know and she still look good.

  • Jae

    What’s worse than dying? LMAO
    watching a movie with a model trying to be a "serious" actress

  • Chris Brown

    i would love to hit that

  • delasupreme

    omg this is sooo hot she is sexi mos def

    Check Out This

    Angry Skool Kidz - Say Whats Real


  • DJ Daz-One

    Melissa Ford = FIRMLY

  • Lil’ Nello

    She still the GOAT video vixen & I would still fuck the shit out of her like any man in the right mind would! DAMNNN now I remember why I used to have dreams of making her my wifey & still have dreams of fucking the shit out of her lol! No but seriously this was by far one of the best spreads I ever seen of her & she has had quite a few good ones! Oh man that first one in the pink is a real killer to I could officially say I'm jealous of Raekwon for being with her right now real talk!

  • http://www.myspace.com/ayydeeakatrip AyyDee

    watching a movie with a model trying to be a “serious” actress



  • ck47

    Cant wait for Tahirys spread.

  • http://whoa.nu Queensgetthedonuts

    fuck im drunk over here... Give me some fucking porn ffs 2dopeboys..... Peace all de way from Dirty sweden? Peace and all that .... Keep it real and all that....

  • 416

    thats homegrown toronto

  • Rihanna

    i would love to hit that

    Chris Brown said this on February 28, 2009 at 12:11 pm


    NO DONT GO!!! Come back to me, you can hit me all you want :)

  • november3leven


  • kakahead

    Season two is classic shit.

  • WoopThereitSid

    meh...this is what happens when u get a gig at some conry bet show, then they drop it, then u end up back in mags..

    shes boring now..and i think she had to sell the accord and downgrade to a corolla...*runs*

  • DayO

    lmao @ chris brown sayin he wants to hit that

  • http://toomuchpretty.blogspot.com/ The Milk to your Shake

    Not pretty.
    And her legs are too short.
    Dont understand the hype.. barely understand the post (beyond views)

  • lowballz

    awww fuck im cumming!!

  • http://prettymuchamazing.com JustinCase

    "thats homegrown toronto" With Some Parts Manufactured In Good Ole Los Angeles USA

  • Lil’ Nello

    This post also reminded me anybody ever know what happened with that movie Days of Wrath? Wasn't she supposed to have a sex scene in there with Wilma Valderrama?! Besides that I also wanted to find out cause the movie did look like it was going to be real dope from the trailer?

  • Magic721

    A true masterpiece, this one. Lovely!

  • godamn ma

    To quote Ghostface
    "Excuse me hon, turn around again. God damn, backyard bangin like a Benzi. If I was jiggy, you'd be spotted like Spud Mackenzie".

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  • lowballz


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  • Lil’ Nello

    movie anyone?

  • http://www.eRichMusic.com erickrichardson

    Her body is the stuff of dreams.

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  • mercedes gordon miles

    this hot/beautiful woman is so sexy! a guy heart go crazy lookin at that sexy woman.

  • mercedes gordon miles

    this woman is too sexy oh yeah!

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