Mike Posner and The Brain Trust – A Matter of Time (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake March 1, 2009

DJ Benzi & Don Cannon present one of the best mixtapes of 2009 (so far, obviously). This shit definitely gets a Shake stamp of approval. Mike Posner and The Brain Trust do a great job on fusing pop/R&B/hip hop. Benzi on the mixing, Cannon on the hosting and guest spots from Big Sean, Donnis, Jackie Chain & Eric Holljes.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

  • n88888

    artwork is tight, does anyone cosign this guy?

  • shake does ha.

  • Cesc

    Co-sign Shake, this is my shit,. Listened to Smoke and Drive earlier this week. Will be copping this.

  • Co-Sign From Young Scolla

    First to post the mixtape @ 12 last night



  • n88888

    oh that smoke and drive song is on here i was just listening to that about 4 times in a row i gotta d/l this tape now

  • N27

    this shit is fire.

  • Been following these guys since they re-did “Love Lockdown”, they definitely got some great music!

  • thats shit was ridiculous, cant wait for more

  • team rocket (BEAM)

    looks dope.

  • A

    word I downloaded this off iTunes at 5.30am haha

  • Cesc

    Been through the tape properly now, gotta say this shit is fire. Refreshing to hear something different. Dude on the hooks is killin shit.

  • this dudes production is crazy – definitely a co-sign right here

  • zeejay

    i can’t stop bumping this. SO DOPE

  • KevinS

    HOLY SHIT! I was dying to hear some more Posner after that Cooler Than Me track a while back

  • bkbkbk

    Hiphop lives , mixtape is DOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPE

  • i cant get my hopes up and invest in him. asher roth let me down.

  • nemkidjuggarnaut

    good shit but dear god stop the smoke and drive comments that shit iz fuckin old it was on big sean’s finally famous mixtape over a year ago jesus i mean it was great but paleeez!

  • great tape, but i was hoping theyd put up their covers of other ppls stuff as well.

    they killed “Whatever you like” at the Dub Frequency show.

  • zab

    sound like that autotune crackhead bul.

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  • where he from?

  • ev

    I believe he’s from Michigan and currently goes to Michigan State, but I may be wrong

  • SeymourPaper

    He’s From Southfield, MI and goes to Duke University

  • Tommy

    Duke? wack! haha…Florida State is where its at.

  • ev

    my bad haha..duke though..shiiiiit

  • CM

    Mike Posner is the shiiit!! This mixtape is fire, finally everybody isnt sounding the same and we’re actually getting some good music

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  • kevins

    bahaha, i don’t even smoke nothin or pop anything, but Drug Dealer Girl is my song

  • Steve_O

    I am HIGHLY impressed with this tape. I listened to it start to finish 3 times in a row today while I was at work. Drug Dealer Girl and Still Not Over You are my shit. The way they flipped that song by The Fray is very dope.

  • BTW that is his singing voice not autotune at all bro.

  • Tim

    most of the songs about chicks bore me to be honest but losing my mind and matter of time are just ridiculously crazy i cant stop bumpin that shit

  • A.Cone

    Mixtape is dope. Look out for Posner cuz he’s definately gonna blow. Too talented, determined, & smart not to. Brains up!

    Mixtape available on iTunes for FREE download!!
    Also check out http://www.mikeposner.com
    Mixtape artwork done by Cleveland Thrasher. [email protected]

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  • thatboydnice

    does anybody know what kind of kixkz he has on the cover of the mixtape? look like some OG Nike Air FLights.

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  • late pass..dope as fuck…but carolina all day…

  • This shit was piff before the blunts, but damn…this shit right here is going straight into my favorites of 09 now.

  • KSEE

    IM LATE!…just found out bout this dude yesterday….mixtape is Very GOOD!

  • I can’t get enough. I like how he uses a sample of Mad World by Tears for Fears at the end of Losing My Mind. Brilliant.

  • Bangin’ loved every minute… Especially matter of time.

  • smits

    drug dealer girl is the dopest song

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  • Порно ролики и видео онлайн бесплатно, а также порно тв высокого качества только у нас все порно бесплатно

  • Seems like the link is broken. Reupped here for free download:


  • lookinassnigga

    all of you are fools mr. posner makes ridiculous music, respect it, check the new mixtape, almost anything he puts out it legit

  • JBoogie

    I really hate to use this as an example. but he’s kind of a gangster Justin Timberlake. And before some of you go getting all pissy and taking it at face value as an insult, because anyone can tell u that that dude’s a pimp. Case closed. So I like Posner’s swagger and ear for pop/juking beats… I keep looking forward to new shit.

  • Drugdealergirl

    Saw Mike Posner live last night…sickest show EVERRRRR!

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