CNN – Grand Royal (prod. DJ Premier)

blame it on Meka March 2, 2009

Now this was what I was waiting on. Can we say that this > “Invincible?” Props to Splash.

DOWNLOAD: CNN – Grand Royal (prod. DJ Premier) | Mediafire

  • this beat is fucking tuff.

  • premo still the best

  • word


  • Naijaman

    jheez, premo went in hard on the beat!

  • jb

    it’s a good beat, but sounds like CNN’s budget couldnt afford another “Invincible” type beat

  • jefferis

    premo the album maker not filler !! nice

  • Steve_O

    Premo he go hard, he go hard! …pause…

    This beat is so damn rugged!

  • This is definitely a twist ya face up beat. Damn.

    This > Invincible

  • Yeah Preem killed it as usual but this isn’t better than Invincible.

  • bushytop

    the invincible untouchable…CNN!!!!!
    have not listened to it yet, but a healthy debate about its superiority over “invincible” is intriguing and – like marlo would say – “sounds like one of them good problems”

  • ck47

    Premo still has it.

  • FakirWise

    Guess it’s safe to say that everyone agrees that the lyrics are sub par as usual since the only thing that obviously matters is the beat.

  • cKd

    this is ok.. aint fuckin wit invincible

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  • Lil’ Nello

    Yea this shit is real dope & grimey as hell! Plus Premo killed it on the boards as usual! Can’t wait for that new CNN album in a few weeks!

  • 18thletter

    there’s no way this is better then Invincible

  • Da Finest

    This > Invincible….
    @jb What you talking about?! At first Primo cooked this beat for Rakim. Your budget comment is plain stupid.

  • Unxpekted

    Fucking amazing simply amazing

    Proof that hip hop is still alive lets resurrect all this ol shit

    PS Can I get a got damn Bone Thugs + Primo track plz, thanks