Curtis to Release Officer Ricky’s BM Sextape Today…

blame it on Shake March 12, 2009

Narrated by 50 Cent Pimpin’ Curly. In case anyone was wondering. Click to enlarge. Speaking of Ricky… looks like he’s finally telling the truth (that we all knew for months) about his CO background in the upcoming issue of XXL. UPDATE: Brought this back to the top as BooBooTV has released a trailer haha. Hit the jump…

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.795051&w=425&h=350&fv=config%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.thisis50.com%252Fvideo%252Fvideo%252FshowPlayerConfig%253Fid%253D784568%25253AVideo%25253A12012245%2526ck%253D1419463044%26video_smoothing%3Don%26autoplay%3Doff]

  • eek the cat.

  • hoodfella

    haha lmfao

  • WOWZERS!!!

    lol 50 that dude

    fuck ross


  • Showman3000





  • Again…
    What does him “Baby mama” bein a hoe have to do with Ross?
    U niggaz act as if your ex aint fuckin someone now
    Does that make u pussy if someone else is fuckin some bitch u USE TO FUCK??
    And still..
    Where the fuck is the music in all of this???
    50 got a fuckin side show goin on to distract people from the fact that he can’t take niggaz out with his rap game
    he can’t take niggaz out by his muscle game
    All he has is his clown game left
    How much time,money and effort went into all of this…
    Lets see if any of this stops Ross from havin the #1 album when he drops
    50 cents influence in rap is almost over
    Stick to co-starring in wack movies with has been actors Curtis

  • wolverine

    Curtis is a cold cold boss. Props to 50 for getting this lame outta here, hip hop never tolerates frauds.

  • B BOY

    ^u mad u mad..when it comes down to it..rick ross is a shitty rapper that needs to leave the game..by any means necessary in my eyes..50 had better disses than CO so chillax wit ur fucking essay

  • remy

    Was that kimbo slice fuckin her?

  • B BOY said

    “…50 had better disses than CO…”
    what disses?
    All he has is disses on bitches Ross use to fuck

    And did your gay ass say “chillax”?
    Who are u ,hanna montana…?

    Eat a dick, u 50 cent stan

  • Has been actors? You can’t be talking about Pacino and DeNiro? EVERY performance is still a good one playa.

  • B

    50 takes another L for this. sad and pathetic. grow up boy.

  • what the fuck has Pacino or Deniro been in that has been any good lately?
    Those 2 muthafuckaers have been playin the same shitty characters in wack ass movies for the past 10 years or so
    50 cent just hitch his wagon to a buncha fallen stars
    His new movie “Dead man Running seems even worst
    He’s again “co starring” opposite a bunch of British ne’er do wells

    Maybe 50 needs to stick to skits and little youtube videos

  • She can get it, on a one night stand, no baby mama level.

  • B BOY

    ima 50 cent stan and have 2 50 songs on my whole computer..but ur right ima stan..fuck u

  • at least you admitted your a stan
    ur half way there to recovery bitch



  • JayEveryDay

    when dealing with the enemy you don’t always you the same approach. you have to change your strategy when necessary. unfortunately the way beefing on records use to be handled is somewhat outdated, especially if you are not a lyricist. i believe 50 is trying to discredit rick so bad that when the time is right in his eyes then the music will come. THE INVISIBLES is right when he says that this is a distraction tactic for 50. but where rick is failing at is that the fact that his son’s mother is a escort! that’s the sort of thing that you don’t want coming out! i don’t care who you are! real bosses don’t let their women go around talking about family business. ever! tia should have never been allowed to speak much less meet 50. real bosses don’t involve themselves in petty beef and that what this seems to be. he says this all started from a look? that’s seems like rick is real sensitive to react like this to a look. bosses don’t respond like that. maybe he should do what eminem did as b rabbit in 8 mile and diss himself first so then 50 won’t have any ammo to use against him. and rick’s freestyles aren’t helping him either. at the end of the day, mafia music was a good song but he only threw a 1-2 bar jab at 50. if you want to get the attention of the hip hop community, have a real diss record completely aimed at 50 and make it be hot! how ironic the most memorable thing to come from this rick/50 thing is pimpin’ curly. 50 took a jab and reversed it and now using it to his advantage to clown the person that threw the jab. this is chess not checkers. and someone tell ross to stop talking about flossin in his freestyle attempts to diss 50. rick ross is making money off of rap, 50 cent is wealthy. case closed.

  • She can get it, on a one night stand, no baby mama level.
    Classic lmao

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahaha..rick might as well give it up..the nigga said something about if he fucked his girl it would be a different story…hahaha..thats on a whole different level haha

  • Freshness

    wtf is it? :D

  • @ THE INVISIBLES your a fossi bruh, keep failing at the internet.

  • T-Dot


    GOOOOOO 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Dez

    50 killin’ Ross…. end of discussion!

  • FakirWise

    50 killin himself…where the music at?

  • Dj Ill One

    They both lose.When you take the so-called beef off record,you both lose. Anyways,Rick`s album is pushed back and we have no idea when 50`s album is comming. The sex tape was a out of line move.What? you can`t serve him on record? He`s trying to flex his muscle and we should all feel a little bit embarrassed about listening to this crap of a beef. I for one do.

  • FakirWise

    True. Well I can’t say I took the time to listen to most of the diss records. I won’t listen to Ross’ because that’s not his area where he really shines through. Don’t listen to Curtis’ cause he just has no lyrical prowess whatsoever. But when it comes to checking either for album cuts, Ross definitely has my ear.
    2009 seems to be the year where Hip-Hop/Rap comes back to a point where I can actually buy albums (other than Nas’) and Deeper Than Rap seems to be a likely candidate.


    Pretty embarrassing …

  • Tommy

    INVISIBLES, gets so tight when it comes to this…*remove Rick Ross penis from your brain before typing*

  • Kraunik

    “Ain’t that some cold blooded shit?”

    Why yes Curly it sure is…

  • B BOY

    invisibles is a faggot..talkin all that shit in real life would have u really invisible..missing in a dumpster somewheres..talkin all that shit over a computer..bitch made..crab ass motherfucker..terrible taste in music ass bitch..go listen to some real shit dick..paid in full or something..or better yet go jerk off to ya boys ross baby mamas sex tape BEOTCH

  • DTS

    where can you watch this at?

  • Ill Son

    It’s funny how ppl haven’t heard: “I’ll Be The Shooter” (G-Unit), “Tai Told Me”, “Officer Ricky (Try Me)”. Or, “Officer Down (Lloyd Banks)” & “Somebody Snitched” (Tony Yayo). But can remember that Ross was tha only one with tha muzik. I am not a stan of 50 or G-Unit. But, acknowledge tha facts b4 you put ur foot in ya mouth, smh.

    Ross has lost credibility dramatically, frm being exposed as a CO who possibly DID snitch on ppl. As to lying who would consider his past lifestyle of dealing cocaine to be true. Cuz I dnt. I dnt listen to liers, snitches (T.I), or simply dumb asses who can’t make good muzik. Which 50 does so. Ross on tha other hand I bought both of his albums. But, after I found out bout his fucked up state-of-mind about lying I broke them worthless dollaz I spent on tha bullshit, smh. Bottom line, Ross career is over and when it comes dwn to it (it just might) someone will end up shot or dead. (preferably ROSS)

  • Blizit from Harlem

    Shit Brooke kinda sexy mayne! But she probably kissed officer ricky wit her mouth after porn movies lol. 50 banks and yayo had better diss records out than big titty ross

  • Blizit from Harlem

    N yo i fucks wit 50 and the Unit too that dont make you a so called stan fuck outta here wit that shiit mayne

  • jk

    She is a call girl, so it wasnt hard to do.

  • Because someone is a CO ,that makes them an enemy?
    Only black people would be ignorant enough to chastise a man for being employed
    Thats the same as stupid muthafuckaz callina niggaz soft or “not black enough” because they have a Harvard education
    Yes,Ross should not have lied about having a past job with benefits
    But from judging all these responses to him being a CO…
    I see why someone would think to lie about it

    The reason no one remembers 50,Banks or Yayo’s music is a sad statement to their music in itself

  • Ill Son

    “The reason no one remembers 50,Banks or Yayo’s music is a sad statement to their music in itself”


    “what disses?
    All he has is disses on bitches Ross use to fuck”

    I was saying, how you gon’ say there was NO MUZIK that was better than ROSS’s muzik! And about that typical “white line” about blk ppl bruh. NO, ppl all in all who lie shouldn’t get that second chance to redeem themselves cuz once a lier ALWAYS A LIER!!! So in da fuck what he was a CO and he lied about it. Came clean about it after what 6mo to a year about, smh. Gtfoh, he loses all respect frm me and creditibility as well. I dn tfuck wit frauds like him. So FUCK YOU and have a coke and a smile.

  • Ill Son

    And another thing about tha Harvard statement. Only, dumb mofo’s who dnt want an education ONLY thinks that. NOT BLK PPL YOU FUCKIN DUMBASS!!! I dnt heard dplenty ppl make that remark you are talking about and they were all colors and not JUST blk ppl who said that shit, get real mofo.

  • disses on Ross’ bitches in video ainta hip hop diss
    Leave that shit on youtube
    Where the hot 16’s on wax?
    Where the hot barson singles?
    Where the fuck is his single for that matter?
    And it was black people who made statements like that…especially 50 cent who was rockin with Hilliary to win and then sayin McCain was ‘GANGSTA”….???
    My assessments of blacks stupidlly finding education “not cool” isa well documented fact and the facts that others also were sayin it means nothin
    Self ignorance hurts usas a people more than what others do to keep us down
    Andyour whole “once a lier” bullshit…
    How many lies about 50 shootin niggaz are too many?
    How many lies about 50 bein some big street capo is too many?
    How many lies about 50 NOT BEIN A FUCKIN RAT and setting up the biggest dealer in Queens is too may?

    fuckin faggot
    stop the ball swingin

  • The Most Hated

    Meka/Shake… hack this nigga INVISIBLES Dell laptop and fuck his shit up please…

    Fucking clown…

  • The Most Hated

    But as far as the clip goes..

    “Double R? Does that stand for Rick Ross?”


  • and by the way,I work on an imac


  • Tim

    first of all people who wrote more than three lines complaining about how 50 is wack get a life and second I dont give a shit that 50 cant rap he is funny as hell

  • first of all,the people who wrote that they don’t care if 50 can’t rap,need to stay the fuck off music blogs

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