Red Cafe – Birthday Sex

blame it on Meka March 15, 2009

*would like to have birthday sex with ol’ girl above every single day*

DOWNLOAD: Red Cafe – Birthday Sex

  • Jaybird

    not bad, better than I expected for sure.

  • Lil’ Nello

    Red Cafe is dope as hell so I will check this in a little bit & I agree I would have more then b-day sex with Melyssa every single day though shit she still one of the baddest bitches I ever seen! I remember when I used to always have dreams of not only wanting to fuck her but wife her but then in recent years it started to fad away a little till recently then I got that feeling back about her :)!

  • rizz

    my nigga jeremiah from da CHI doing big things!!!
    Red Cafe fucked da song up tho

  • jdeezy

    ..ummmm no. can not touch the original at all just cuzz Cafe can’t sing even with auto-tune. I reallllyyyy hope people know the original lol.

  • Big_E

    Wat happened 2 that UGK jaunt????

  • Big_E

    O nvm…

  • goldxfish

    he wasn’t [even] bad {to be honest}
    i was [very] shocked to hear Red Cafe [on auto-tune]
    was expecting a radio-friendly {rap} joint
    not Red singing lol the song is presentable[..]
    i guess Drake N Kanye are starting a trend[.?]

  • carnegie

    man that auto-tune was definitely the wrong choice for cafe!

  • lol at the autotune

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  • Asher Roth

    eeeewwwww….dont like it.

  • LOL


  • Jay Daniels

    Get, the, fuck, out, of, here, MEKA!

    How the fuck can you even post this.

    And you call yourself a Hip-Hop blogger.

  • bambambigalow

    wut. d. fuck. red.

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Man, this my man Jeremiah’s shit!!! And you say Chi City!!!!!

  • J Kelly

    fuck this song