TiRon on Sound Session (Audio)

During a very serious conversation with my man Tunji we were talking about (new) artists we were feeling, etc. TiRon is one of those artists we both agreed on for being dope as all fuck. We also came to the conclusion that far too many sites are still sleeping on his music. That'll change one day... for sure. Anyways, a few weeks back he called into Sound Session with DJ Hyphen & J. Moore to talk shop about his background coming up in the L.A. scene, linking with PacDiv, his latest tape (which you all should have already downloaded), Handshakes & Pounds pt.2 and how the internets help (and hurt) new artists on the come up.

DOWNLOAD: TiRon on Sound Session | Mediafire

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  • YoungG

    Yo FistiCuffs put me up on this artist, this guy is fire!!!
    Cant wait to hear more of what he's got to offer the game.

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  • tek the intern

    ayo shake or meka i need i huge fav do either of y'all or anyone else who heard it know what instrumental was playin in the background around the 13:25 mark to about the 16:10 mark

  • That would be GLC ft. Kanye - "Big Screen"

    thanks for listening Tek and thanks for posting Shake. Agreed on TiRon being far too slept on. Dude is super dope.



    good looks and he's beyond slept on and its gonna suck for everyone that's already a fan cause he's wants all the fan to be on the same page so for ALL YOU DOUCHE BAGS THAT'S NOT UP ON IT "KETCHUP"

  • kcam



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