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Ludacris & Shawnna Talk Battle of the Sexes (Video)

blame it on Shake March 18, 2009

[vimeo 3755887]

On set of PC’s video shoot, Luda & Shawnna talk about their upcoming collab album, Battle of the Sexes.

  • lexkruger

    They’re such horrible rappers.

  • Huh?

    ^ I know you’re lying. Anyways, I wanna squeeze Shawnna’s buttcheeks and hit it.

    I’m not sorry for being so crass. Fuck your feelings.

  • Steph

    Cot damn Shawnna!!!! That’s all I’m gonna say about that, but the track at the end sounds serious.

  • lexkruger, you CANT be serious dude. i’m looking forward to this.

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  • MrWillDoIt

    Luda, the rap game can do without you, pull out. Shawnna, let me in, I’d never pull out.

    Wise words from a decent man.

  • sloop

    crooks is my shit

  • Shawnna is sexy as hell!!! But Battle of the Sexes album will flop big time. Im a Luda fan but I don’t think the rest of the hip hop ppl r. His album barely went gold, and I thought it was way way better than Release Therapy…Luda don’t do it!

  • Bizzy

    ya making good points…
    luda’s shit are crazy for a while…they not timeless… personally i got tired of his shit in about a week lol
    but yeah SHE def could have my dick lol and i will not pull out lol

  • LexKruger

    Luda hasn’t changed up the flow since his debut but he is a funny rapper. Shawnna deserves only dick no ear.
    That’s just my thoughts.

  • Ty

    >LexKruger said: “Luda hasn’t changed up the flow since his debut”.

    ^^^ Neither has Scarface so what’s your point?????

  • wat u say might be tru,i’m a big luda fan since i was 7,i thought his album was gon do better too,hopefully this album do better than battle of the sexes,ya dig!!

  • dbpacman31

    Man i been listenin to luda since incognegro…and him and andre300 are my favorite rappers…luda fell off big time…since word of mouf the albums havent been spectacular..he needs to start makin dat ol shit and stop worryin about wat critics say

  • Wre-Flex

    the track at the end is on the album

  • Fuck U Dog

    Man Luda One Of The Best Rappers Ever…Fuck u “lexkruger” and “MrWillDoIt”…real talk… fuckin bitches

  • 16 OS

    “Fuck u dog”, I’m with you dude. Luda is in my opinion the best rapper alive. That dude kills every track he’s on. Name one song that he was weak on. Bet u cant.

  • Weav

    I’m with 16 os. Luda is the best. He kills every song

  • Curtis

    what r yall smokin luda’s the best rapper but he’s always underated.

  • yaboi

    all yall motha fuckaz haters luda go hard he’ll kill any and i mean anybody in da rap game so “do like yo record say or shut the fuck up”(ludacris)

  • Jeckelsister

    Luda is damn near untouchable. He killed it on Chamillionaire’s Creepin Solo.