• truth09

    "swag surfin" u have got to be kidding me WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF is this shit
    fuck these lame mothafuckas
    dopeboyz please stop posting these "hiphop" homos

  • esskaywhyzee o o

    lookin at the lineup I would guess that the due in the picture had the best verse. After him, it could be any of those average/inconsistent mufuckas. I've been lovin having new fab shit but im sick of this bullshit music. I need some hip-hop Fab. Whens a mixtape droppin, cause I know thats all the hip-hop im gettin from you?

  • Gooderz

    all them rappers seem to blend into one "thinks they're better than they actually are" entity

    i aint even gonna bother listening to this one

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Yo Shake I felt the same way after listening to the original post. He hilled that shit. Dude is actually growing on me.

  • McMoney

    Great record

  • gambit354

    Maino!!! maybe the second best verse. Loso killed it but either way it's better than the original.

  • uzi


  • cya

    Those 16bit horns in the background are pretty catchy in a nostalgic way. Reminds me of the RPG's I used to play...

  • FakirWise

    Another fucking "swag" song...I'm about to stop listening to anything mainstream real soon. More Slaughterhouse please!

  • http://www.officialhiphop.net Swag

    ^^^^ lmao hahaha

  • zookeeper

    can anyone find the instrumental?

  • Fresh

    Yall swag must be off!!! This shit is fire come on now. You got the hottest niggas in new york on one track!!!!!