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N.E.R.D.: “WTF is GYT?” (Video)

blame it on Shake March 27, 2009

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.802297&w=425&h=350&fv=]

You’ll find out April 2nd.

  • Hmm What Could It Mean?

  • Tommy

    “Gyrate Your Titties”

  • Mr. W3st

    *does the pharrell dance and demands big macs*

  • Deebo

    is this nigga rockin capris? smh…

  • jomamalovethejalepeno

    okay im not saying we all gotta wear enyce 46X46 jeans and act like macho beings but can we atleast legitemitely say the rap game is getting just a little gay? just a little? whats next touching eithers cock and saying holla atcha cock boys gang..and then we’ll all say ..its just progressive movements and we must evovle?

  • ^^ I Guess If You Look At A Guy And The First Thing You Notice Is The Way His Pants Are Fitting On His Crotch And His Legs Then What Does That Say About You.

  • EnterTheKnows

    I personally don’t give a fuck what they’re wearing as long as they’re making good music.

  • JF

    who cares what he’s wearing?

    whatever happened to “doing you” …

  • Ronny Goines

    Hes not wearing capris, they just rolled up kinda suspect, and I think they’re just hungry because they never got their big macs or fillet o fishes

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  • zookeeper

    who gives a fuck what it means? i know i don’t… much more interesting acroynms worth giving a damn than this one.

  • lupe

    go yard trunk..

  • …Anyway I’m Excited To Hear Some New Stuff, Seeing Sounds Was One Of My Favorite Albums From Last Summer/Year

  • b.

    people are funny on here. trippin’ off what other people are wearing? serious? that’s just about as corny as people saying ‘no homo’.

  • Nohomo please

    At least it’s not skinny jeans!!

  • Get Your Time?

  • Amber

    Get Yourself Tested?

  • juice

    get yourself tested

  • Anonymous


  • katy

    get yourself tested!!!!!

  • Mizzy

    pharrell is so hot..

    and chad has on pants that are rolled up,so what they look like capris..GEOW UP PEOPLE

  • Mizzy