Fall Out Boy - America's Suitehearts (rmx) f. Joe Budden, 88-Keys & Murs

blame it on Meka March 28, 2009

The Rosenthals toss their hat in this music shit by providing this remix off Patrick Stump's Album.

DOWNLOAD: Fall Out Boy - America's Suitehearts (rmx) f. Joe Budden, 88-Keys & Murs

  • this is one of my favorite joints on their album. this is a cool remix too. dont really like the beat but they all ripped it

  • Yeah They Switched The Instrumentals To Much

  • Fantum

    Wait, so it Patrick Stump really making a solo album? That shit has the potential to be mad good.

  • no. its a fob track off an fob album. mekas just a dummy ha. change it!

  • Strife

    Might as well be Patrick Stump's album. Him > Everyone else on FOB.

  • 88 keys rapping is a k west nock off

  • you guys are down with OKP? congrats!

  • Steve_O

    Stump does need to do a solo album though. Shit would be amazingly dope. He's uber-talented and has a lot of dope friends he could call in favors from.

  • FredRico

    This is great for hip hop!
    Fall Out Boy has worked with Timbaland, Lil Wayne and Kanye West in the recent past, but Patrick Stump should really produce an entire rap album (and provide hooks)! If you don't know his work, wikipedia him. He produced (for one of the best rappers out now) Lupe Fiasco’s “Little Weapon” and also worked with Tyga, T.I., The Roots (“birthday girl”)

  • KSEE

    "Might as well be Patrick Stump’s album. Him > Everyone else on FOB."
    Patrick Stump is that dope shit!...wish him and andre3000 would work together...that shit would be MAD creative! or maybe a Patrick Stump & Vonnegutt project..that would be dope also!

    ..wait...patrick stump produced "little weapon"??...Stump got more talent that i thought!!!

  • Steve_O

    in completely unrelated news, how the hell do I get a pic next to my comments, the way the first comment has?

  • quickV

    ^^ wordpress account

    good song 2

  • Joe Budden is that dude

  • naigel

    we need more random collaborations like this i feel.
    i love 88 keys but i still dont really get the voice thing he always raps with. dont hate it, just dont really get it.

  • peacetoall

    is that shake...of shake n bake...lol..what upperr yall

  • cya

    This comment may be a week late and 2x irrelevant, but as an outspoken Fall Out Boy hater, this song is amazing. I have this shit on loop on both my ipod and my car's CD player.

  • L-Dog

    Who's the rapper that does the first verse?