• mdz

    Leave It All Behind was not what I wanted, but it's still great music! But I want Phonte to put a "hip hop" album out soon. I heard Big Pooh's album and there is some nice joints. He ain't doin bad without Phonte. Any one heard that song "Rear View Mirror" by Big Pooh and 9th? That song is on replay right now. Sounds like he's talking about Phonte. They ain't talkin no more??

  • Illest

    Phonte's entertaining. I have a feeling LB but no longer exist.

  • http://tellmemane.com YoungDurden

    yeah man i know and it kinda hurts me cause i am a huge LB fan. Going to see FE in NC next month. the show will be dope i believe

  • Musikfiend

    Phonte is hilarious...lol. A shame about LB though...smh.